17 May 2018

breakfast in bed

After my first mother's day gift of the kids' stomach virus, I was treated to sleeping in and breakfast in bed. Best gift ever!

Maya is at the perfect age to make sure I have a great day and get plenty of homemade cards! Dane even made me a "celebration" card and gave me a kiss (which he doesn't hand out lightly these days).

We finished the day up with dinner and hike with our family.

10 May 2018

the true little engineer

This handsome man keeps me on my toes, mentally. He knows what he likes and is all business. Take the sweatshirt blazer he is sporting here. Wouldn't take it off for a week and insisted we call him "Engineer" or "Conductor". He's super bummed he can't wear it now that it is so hot and therefore, he cannot be an Engineer.

He also loves playing Wii with his daddy and maybe sneaking a nap in, too. Dane, you're  appropriately my little engineer. Just like daddy. One thing I can always count on is a Dane hand in my hand. You love to hold hands, not a big fan of kisses, and sometimes you run out of hugs for me pretty early in the day, but you're always up for holding hands. It's the sweetest thing ever!

My dear little man, so focused on the job at hand, no nonsense, a bit sensitive, and plenty of silly, but only on your terms. I love every piece of you, even if I don't always understand you.

tiny flowers

Life from a 2yo's perspective. And pretty snazzy camera skills, little one!

Mismatch shoes and a "pack pack" are life.

I love you very much, little J. You bring beautiful smiles, silly faces, and lots of spunk to our world!

(and you share the beauty you discover :)

02 May 2018

all jazzed up

I'm so proud of my first grader for choosing to enter the history fair at school this week. She researched and created her board on her own and had a "mini presentation" that she gave to everyone who stopped by to learn more.

Maya has grown into a confident young lady, who loves to learn. She does math for fun and dives into chapter books. She has gone from terrified to try something new to embracing change and seeking adventure. Honestly, she's just fun to hang out with and makes us laugh with her big kid jokes/silliness.

I'm beyond proud of the brave and beautiful soul you have become. It's an honor to be your mom.

I will end with a quote from your teacher regarding your stint as circle time leader:
"Maya was a very firm, but fair leader." Couldn't love this more, you go get the world girl!

02 December 2017

tis the season

Our mantel holds an extra stocking this year. This stocking perfectly fits little J's fun loving personality. Sometimes I find myself looking at it wondering what we will feel when we unpack our stockings out of the Christmas box next year and come to J's stocking. Will this new addition hang on our mantel again for another Christmas? Or will we be flooded with memories and emotions when we see it?

As traditions unfold and memories are made during the holiday, I am becoming more aware of how temporary this relationship is meant to be. This child has a stocking that belongs on another mantel, in another home, full of its own traditions and memories to be made. I look at her stocking and pray for the home that it will be hanging in next year; may there be healing and peace.

letters to santa

Is Maya a sweetie pie or what? No requests for Santa (or anyone), just happy to be surprised.

Dane's list involved telling santa about our beautiful Christmas tree and requesting more decorations for it.

He has become the guardian of our tree and has challenged himself to perfecting it by rearranging ornaments and created additions...daily, hourly. "But santa will be so happy," he reminds me as I begrudgingly help him create more "crimp-sauce" decorations. Ahh my adorable, orderly little dude.

Enjoying some more Christmas fun this weekend :).

14 November 2017

discovering beauty

We are almost 5 months in our life as a foster family!

We have had challenges and victories, some members of the family immediately falling in love and some reluctant to let an outsider in (specifically the one losing baby status), and mostly our home has doubled in love and chaos. Living in the "maybe" and unknown status of this beautiful child in our life has been easier than I anticipated. Some days I am flooded with emotion over the weight of the situation, the heartbreak, and the healing that needs to take place for all parties involved. However, most days we just live with the joy, curiosity, and frustration another toddler brings. There is something beautiful about the simplicity of the daily grind, full of all these little moments that keep us going - early morning cuddles, our littles *finally* both agreeing to a big hug, three giggling kiddos during a tickle fight, or feeling a sleepy toddler relax a little more into my shoulder each day as I carry her to bed.

When we look down at her big gorgeous eyes and sweet, silly smile we know we are right where we are meant to be today and that's all that matters.