25 November 2009

gobble gobble

Tada - pumpkin spice cupcakes with buttercream icing.  Oh but they're so much more.  I spent basically my entire day making these stupid turkeys!  I have a love hate relationship with them...they were driving me crazy.  Heads were falling off if you catch my drift.  Now if they could pretty please make it to Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws in one piece!!! 

Dear Baby Turkeys,
 I will change our relationship to love love (as opposed to love hate) if you all keep your heads on.
Your Creator,
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

23 November 2009

food art

This is the best thing to show up on my doorstep since I don't know when!  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful that you hate to eat it?  The Engineer is wishing he would have thought of this one.  I was shocked when it showed up.  Let's see it's not my birthday, I didn't do anything special, and it's not a holiday...  All I had to do to deserve this puppy was have a friend who had a baby.  What?!?  Isn't that backwards?  I agree, new moms all over the world should be getting these bad boys.  Well I did take a few calls at all hours of the day and night ;-), but it was totally worth it for this bouquet of goodness...and for new little baby Ethan's tummy full of his momma's milk.  I hate to brag, but I have wonderful friends! 

19 November 2009

random thoughts

I have two things to share today:

(1) As I become more involved in the blogging world I'm starting to wonder how people do it - I mean how do you reveal some of your most intimate thoughts without making all your family and friends hate you.  For example, the other day on the radio "Bi-lingual Aly" from 107.3 FM (the person/radio station isn't pertinent for those not from this area) said something to the effect of "My friend made dibs on being a bridesmaid in my wedding.  I'm not even engaged and I have no intention of asking her."  So, she was alluding to the fact that this friend was way out of line and put her in an awkward situation.  Now most of us can relate to this situation and it's one thing to share this with another individual, but to share it on your radio show...now that's ballsy.  What if this friend happens to be listening to your show (or reading your blog) and realizes that you are talking about her?!?  Where's the balance between entertaining your readers and respecting your friends/family?

Now that I've probably made all the people in my life who read this blog paranoid...hehehe...I will now move on my next thought...

(2) I love it when the Engineer writes.  Whether it's a card, a quick note, or A BLOG POST,  I love it all.  It's a special little present just for me.  So, the other day as we were traveling to visit my in-laws I was rambling on and on as usual to make our car time pass and I shared this very thought about writing with the Engineer.  After a brief moment he asked "A blog post is the same as buying a card?"  I replied "Yes, it is something you think about and make just for me."  For those of you who know the Engineer you won't be surprised by this response "It's free and it works the same as a card!"  There you have it - He saves $ and a trip to Hallmark and I get his writings...and all is well in the world.

16 November 2009

it's a fairy tale...

This is my most recent project (a tiara and tutu), which also doubles as my niece's Christmas present.  In addition to making nursing covers, I am now in the business of making children's dress up clothes.  Maybe it's the result of having too much free time...ok, it's absolutely the result of that, but I'm having a blast turning my dining room table into my own workshop and chit chatting with the older ladies at the fabric store about their projects, who by the way happen to be making snuggies for their grandchildren.

10 November 2009

welcome to rockport, ma

The red barn is Motif #1...interesting.

This entry is all about my "Yay, I passed my test" celebration trip.  In my delirium of studying my summer away for the biggest test of my life, I bargained for a celebration trip if I passed.  The Engineer, feeling bad for me and missing quality time with his wife, agreed to this trip of my choosing.  I picked this trip based on several factors
  1. It was an inexpensive and short flight
  2. New England's top rated B&B was there and had a vacancy
  3. The Engineer and I were in the mood for a cozy trip
Beach and King - our B&B

So, Rockport, MA it was.  We weren't really sure what we'd find there, but were pleasantly surprised as we rolled into the cutest little town ever!  I absolutely adored it's charm and beauty.  We chatted with local artists, photographers/cupcake shop owners, and our inn-keeper, Dennis, who told us stories about his days working with "Aerosmith".  It was seriously one of those towns where you think to yourself is my name "Rory" and is this "Stars Hollow"?  (FYI: if you're annoyed by Gilmore Girls references, this probably isn't the blog for you).  Marcus likened it to playing a video game...I'm still not 100% sure what this means, but maybe he can explain to us later.  We both agreed that it reminded us of our favorite city in Italy called Orvieto...an American Orvieto - Picturesque and quaint. 

I had about 5 cuppies from here.  They make their cupcakes 1 part cake, 1 part icing and it's evenly distributed.  You can see how they carve out a cone shaped piece of the cupcake, fill with icing and then put the cone piece one top and cover in icing.  This way every bite consists of icing and cake. 

Since we could walk around the entire town in like 5 mins, we decided to take a few side trips.  We hiked Halibut Park, a granite farm and one day we road tripped up to Maine.  This road trip was an interesting mix of beach towns.  One minute we'd be driving through the dumpiest beach town ever...(think Ocean City...jk, well sorta) and the next we'd be surrounded by multi-million dollar homes that we couldn't even begin to wrap our minds around and then before we knew it we'd be in another charming town that was so inviting we couldn't help but pull over and hop out for quick visit.  We'd eat and eat some more, snap some pics, and mostly just admired God's wonderful creation - the deep blue New England Ocean.  We sat and watched the rocks take their endless beating, wave after wave, and breathed in the fresh salty air. 

What is about the ocean that makes you feel so small and life so simple?  I think I need a baby ocean in my bedroom to remind me of this every morning.  "You're small and life is simple, so stop being a drama queen!"  That's what my bedroom's ocean would whisper to me though it's crashing waves.  It would whisper to the Engineer "You're beautiful wife needs a back massage and chocolate treats"...hehehe.

Here's to lovely trips that leave us feeling refreshed and inspired.  Rockport, MA comes highly recommended from me and the Engineer!

I title this pic "Camera Timers"

05 November 2009

what's for dinner?

Dinner isn't typically my favorite dish to make or show off, but when it's pretty and colorful I can't resist but to share!  This dish is bbq tuna steak with a mango salsa and wild rice.  I used a cup of bbq sauce mixed with orange marmalade and lime zest to make the sauce for the tuna.  I broiled the tuna...since we have no grill in this urban condo of ours.  The salsa is fresh mango, red, orange & green peppers, red onion, tomatoes, black beans, cilantro, olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper all mixed together.  Delish, delish, delish and so pretty too!  (FYI: Trader Joe's wild rice that is pre-cooked and packaged is disgusting.  Do not be lazy and try to skip a step...)

And no dinner is complete without a treat - Truffles! 

You may be asking yourselves why would I add rainbow sprinkles to this wonderful Fall mix?  Personally I hate them, but I keep them around to make things pretty...  Well to be completely honest, the Engineer loves rainbow sprinkles.  We go to the ice cream shop and what does he order?  Chocolate or coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles almost everytime.  What can I say?...he's comfortable in his manhood :-)

03 November 2009

election day

Today the Engineer and I voted for a new Governor, etc.
  I care about the Presidential election, but when it comes to all the other elections I feel overwhelmed and shut down.  My lazy, apethetic side kicks in and I just want to not care.  The Engineer, however, does not find this to be acceptable behavior in our household.  He's been sending me all kinds of links about the candidates bios, their recent debates, and how he thinks McDonnell looks like Jim Bob Duggar.  Is it wrong to vote on looks, because I do like Jim Bob an awful lot?  J/K. 

Here's McDonnell in the top pic and Duggar the bottom.  I guess it's the eyes and politician hair style.  Why do they all pick the side part, feathered look?  Beats me...

I figure it's fair for Marcus to make me care, since I make him care about my stuff.  He does know more than the average young non-dad guy about breastfeeding.  He's frequently sending me questions and requests from his co-workers and pregnant friends.  And he definitely spends his fair share of time clarifing that his wife's job is anything but glamourous...  You can imagine what it was like when he had to tell his college friends what field I was going in to..."Dude she gets to look at boobs all day - I want that job!".  I've heard him say a time or two "Guys, it's not cool.  You don't even want to see the pictures in her text books!"  One of our friends even refers to it as a "Boob Job", which I did find to be quite clever.  Marriage is equaling lots of compromise and learning about each other's interests.  Heck I even went to a NFL game last week.

Happy Vote Day!