25 December 2009

a generic card

Merry Christmas!!!!

22 December 2009

edible ornaments

I spent yesterday with my brother, Alex, making these lovely holiday cuppies that are meant to resemble an ornament of some sort.  We had some quality brother sister bonding time!

And as always, there he is on his computer, aka his better half.

Happy Holiday Baking!!!

18 December 2009

going home...

...for Christmas!  In about 12 hours I'm going to put my tushy on a plane headin Mid-West.  I have a little detour to take in Indiana, but my final destination is Logan, Ohio.  Logan, that oh so trendy kid name, is also my hometown.  It's small and friendly, the perfect retreat for my urban self.  But what I'm thinking about is how weird it feels to be home.  Isn't it odd to be in your old bedroom with your old high school photos still sitting right where you left them, just staring at you.  Memories flood my mind and feelings of how truely awkward I was not so many years ago come back to me.  This home also possess special powers.  It has a sense of security and comfort in the air that just doesn't exist here in the city with sirens and strangers everywhere.  I guess my hometown is like my adult version of my childhood blankie.  It's safe, familiar, and comforting.  I can't imagine creating that for our future kids in our box of a condo, but someday hopefully the Engineer and I will create this too.  All I want is a small humble house that is pink.  And don't you dare start feeling sorry for the Engineer - he was well aware of this desire before he even agreed to date me.  I might also want it to be a duplex, so my BFF Sarah can live next door :-).  Hey, we promised we'd have a pink duplex in like the 8th grade....I can't go around breaking promises like that! 

Here's our small, but efficient living quarters that we currently call home.  We enjoy how cozy and cheery it is.

Here is me in front of a random pink house in New Orleans a couple of years back.  Did you know that there is a pink house on Pinkney Street in Annapolis, MD?  It's adorable and I might be a little envious of it's owners.

What is going back home like for you?

09 December 2009


PREFACE: I love my mother-in-law dearly, we have a good relationship, and I asked permission to write this :-).

STORY: Over Thanksgiving (I know that was so long ago, but I've been debating on this post) the Engineer and I had an interesting evening conversation with the in-laws.  MIL shared a story with us about something I told her a few years ago...to quote myself I told her once upon a time:
"You're a Black woman trapped inside a White woman's body."
  I know, doesn't that sound highly inappropriate and definitely un-PC.  Well here's the inside scope, MIL dresses very colorful with lots of sparkles and jewelry.  I think it all began one day when the family was out to lunch at Red Lobster.  MIL was wearing an extra glitery top that day and someone commented on how flashy she was that day.  FIL said "What your mother wears is called BLING!"  This made us all laugh since 1. It's true she does, but no one else would have used that term and 2. We were shocked he even knew about "Bling" meant.  So, I'm going to blame the orgins of my theory on my FIL, which may get me in trouble...  MIL is always looking her best.  No PJ days, no sweats, rarely do I see her in jeans and even then it's fancy jeans. 

Here we are Christmas morning last year.  Me and my "I just woke up" look and MIL and her "ready to go" look.  (She asked for that new toilet seat...just so you all know it wasn't a mean joke). 

We "kids" tend to tease her a bit about her loud clothes and big blond hair, so one day I told her my un-PC theory.  It was one of those things that makes sense in your head, but as soon as it comes out of your mouth you know it's the worst idea ever, but you just can't stop it from escaping your lips.  Well this statement stuck with MIL and we have since had many laughs about it.  The other day she told her boss about my "theory" and her boss asked her how she felt about it.  All I could think is "Oh no, they all think I'm a horrific DIL..."  Then she proceeded to tell us that she shared this with some ladies at her garage sale (who just so happened to be Black).  And now I'm thinking "Oh no, she's going to get herself in trouble."  But she's very lovable and they told her it was because she had "soul".  Which is true, she has an extra dose of "soul" in her closet.  I do too.  I love color and a little bling.  This is where me and MIL are alike sometimes.

Here are the Oberholzer ladies

01 December 2009

middle brained...

To your right you can find a RIGHT Brain/LEFT Brain Quiz and you'll see my score results.  That's right, I'm neither or both, however you wish to look at it.  I'm sitting at home taking an online course on a Friday night being a lame-o, but I did find out this interesting tidbit about myself.  It makes so much sense in my world, because you see I'm constantly confusing my right and my left.  For example, the Engineer (who happens to have left brain dominance) will ask me which way to turn while in the car and I say "turn right" while motioning to the left with my left hand.  This ends in a confusing argument that we don't even understand and this has happened more frequently than I'd like to share.  Garmin has actually strengthened our relationship.  God bless that little piece of intelligence that always knows its rights from its lefts.  But don't worry, I have two theories to explain my "Middle-brainedness" and my inability to understand my right from my left.  My first theory is that I'm a self-diagnosed dyslexic.  Oh yes, that explains so much...  My 2nd theory stems from a conversation that I had with a good friend a few years ago.  She simply told me one day that if your equally right and left brained that its hard to know your right from your left, because your brain is so equal.  You see, if you don't have a dominant side then you have no point of reference for the direction of your hands.

To humble myself a little more I can remember when I first attempted to tackle my right from my left.  It was back in the 90s and I was in 3rd grade-ish.  I was in a twirling group and I had to learn this right/left thing to survive.  I mean how can you twirl if you don't which hand the instructor is refering to?  I loved twirling.  And I was hideous at twirling.  I thought I was the stuff, but videos have proved that I was the same uncordinated, unrhythmic person back then that I am now.  There I am in the back row (that's where they put my type) and I was about 3 seconds behind all the other girls.  I must have made my parents proud, my gangly arms waving around, permed bangs (I permed just my bangs back then), and a slightly confused, but happy face. 

Anywho, the point of this story is that I started this right/left things late in life and I realized this when my neice was able to learn her right and left before her 2nd birthday - she's going to be one smart cookie.  Did you know I got the highest math score on a standardized test in high school?  I mean can you imagine what I could have been if I would have learned my right from my left by the age of 2?  I guess it's just as well this way - I have the best of both worlds, relating to all kinds of brains!

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