25 January 2010

whoopie pie or cookie sandwich?

Do you call it Whoopie Pie or Cookie Sandwich?  I would have called it Cookie Sandwich growing up, but my S-I-L introduced me to the Whoopie Pie (she's got my back like that!) when I entered the Oberholzer family and learned the ways of Pennsylvanians.  I believe the Whoopie Pie is a PA thing, but I'm not entirely sure.  Either way it's a yummolicious thing!

This particular one involves cake mix and cream cheese and is EASY.  Click here for the recipe!

20 January 2010

back to school

Tonight is the Engineer's first day of graduate school.  It's a bitter sweet day.  We're excited he's going to school.  He wants to go to school.  But I have this terrible aversion to graduate school.  You see, graduate school was the least happy 2 years of my life....it was anxiety ridden and just plan un-fun.  I had too much on my plate and didn't know anyone in the city or have time to know anyone that is.  So, as the Engineer headed out the door tonight sympathy anxiety crept into my gut.  Although, I know it's going to be different for him...he is only going part-time and he has a loving wife waiting for him at home.  The truth is...I think he's going to love it.  He loves business (that's what he's going for).  He loves entrepreneurship and economics and negotiating and all those words I find to be hideous!  In support of his first day I made him his most favorite dessert: Betty Crocker's Cookie Brownie.  I'm slightly ashamed to say that on here.  I should probably be creative and make it from scratch, but, well no excuse really.  Here's how tonight went:  (1) a power nap (2) cookie brownie (3) wife making husband pose for 1st day of school picture. 

I'm a proud, anxious wife!  What can I say?

19 January 2010

hello 2010

The Engineer and I sat down and came up with our 2010 goals:
  1. Go to the beach
  2. Marcus make B's in grad school
  3. Julie get a 2nd job
  4. Volunteer with Habitat
  5. Get a new TV
  6. Watch less TV
  7. Have an activity with friends at least once a month
  8. Be more optimistic
It's not an impressive list, but a doable one. You might think #5 and #6 contradict one another. True. But our TV is our 2nd hand-me-down one (the box style, smallish, and alittle fuzzy) and I'm starting to feel bad about the Engineer being the only one in the whole world without a fancy flat screen for his football games. So, I told him maybe on Black Friday (Yes, a whole 11 months away. We're not big on instant gratification around here...) if he find one for real cheap that maybe we could get it...thinking he'd probably forget, but he hasn't yet and now it some how has become a year goal, so I decided to balance it out with a goal to watch less TV.

(Baby Ethan, 2 months and adorable.  Remember that painted baby belly I blogged about?  Well here is the prize that was inside!)

I almost added a number 9 after holding this little guy all last weekend, but that'd probably be a little too ambitious.  Although, don't you think the Engineer looks good holding a little one?  Moving on... We also have a travel to do list for the year involving local trips, visiting friends around the country, and one international trip.  But you'll have to stay tuned to see where we decide to venture off to.  Or if you want you can send us suggestions!

13 January 2010

a holiday overview

An Indiana Winter Wedding - Congrats to Luke and Angela!
Me and my college pal, Ginny.  You know that person in your life who is the sweetest person ever?  Well that's Ginny.
Meeting up with a good blog friend (so sad to miss you A Cupcake For Moose)...  The most ridiculous part about these photos is that Miss in Wonderland would not let me photograph her face.  She's gorgeous, but here are our 1/2 body and just feet picture.  They also look rather nice.
Christmas morning at the Enderle home.
Marcus enjoying my new mug.
And a late Christmas with the Oberholzer family.