23 February 2010

true conversation

This true conversation involves myself, brother, mom, and grandma.  The setting is Arcadia Acres, a little nursing home out in the boon docks of Southeastern Ohio.   

G'ma: (to Alex) You're so cute.  Julie, your brother is the prettiest little boy.  You should be so proud of him!
Me: Yeah, I'm so proud of him (sarcasm)
(Alex smiles...he isn't shy about indulging in compliments)
G'ma: Look at that smile.  He's going to grow up to be so handsome someday.
Mom: Mom, he's 21.  He's already grown up.
G'ma: (to Alex...again) You're such a pretty boy.
(Yes, this is seriously the conversation.  I'm not exaggerating)
G'ma: (to me) You look nothing like him.  You're awfully pale.  You should get some sun.
Me: Thanks, grandma (sarcasm).  I'll have to tell Marcus I need a trip to the beach...
G'ma: You're such a pretty boy.  I just love my boy.
Mom: You better stop or you'll give him a big head.
G'ma: I can't help it; he's such a pretty boy.
(A picture of sister and brother in the dead of Winter, a.k.a. my ultra pale months.)

I'm the ugly duckling in this family, at least according to grandma.  You better watch out Alex Enderle...I'm going to out swan you some day!

The end.

16 February 2010

self photo

Do you ever have bad picture days?  Or years for that matter?  This seems to happen more often than not.  We're out tropsing around and I say "Let's take our picture!"  and the Engineer says "Ok."  We hold up the camera and snap #1.


"You only got me." That's what the Engineer always says and he's usually right (I still have the camera zoomed in from my previous shot of something else - every time). Then snap #2.

"Ah man, my eyes are closed." (I have some genetic disorder that forces me to close my eye at the exact moment a picture is taken.) "I look like a turd." I laugh when the Engineer says this, but it's usually true. We do this about 5 more times and then he ends the whole saga with "That one is good enough."

Now here's what triggered this blog...I feel like I've been having a bad make-up/hair/everything year.  Hmm..what's changed.  Was it getting married?  Am I aging unfashionably?  Is it watching too much trashy t.v.?  ding! ding! ding!  I've got nothing on the t.v. girls.  Those girls have make-up artists and hair people and who knows what following them around.  And they have professional lighting and camera people, not their husband holding a camera up in the middle of the street.  Moral of the story: If you spend your time with t.v. people you're going to feel bad about yourself, so spend your time with real people.

11 February 2010

mr. snowman

Where we live there are no kids.  Just dogs.  So, when it snows we are not graced by the presence of snowmen and snow angels, instead we are graced with yellow snow.  Yucky.  You may not know this, but the Engineer and I are 100% not animal people.  We prefer babies.  Not yet, but someday when we're ready for a little more responsiblity we'll go and pick out a cute cuddly baby.  As you can imagine we don't fit in where we live, but that's ok we just give the people in the elevator with their Paris Hilton dogs dirty looks and everything is good.  And then we go outside and do the kids' work and build glorious snowmen to be enjoyed by all.  This snowman is a gramps.  Isn't he a cutie?   

03 February 2010


On Sunday, January 31st, while in the car, I declared to the Engineer "I'm going to learn Spanish!"  If I only knew Spanish I would be the most marketable lactation consultant/public health person ever.  I wouldn't get rejected from a job, heck even volunteering, for not being able to teach moms in Spanish (yes, I was recently told that I wasn't really needed to VOLUNTEER if I couldn't speak Spanish fluently - come on folks give me a chance I can learn real fast, I promise!) 

Brillant idea?  Check.  Plan in place?  Check.
  1. Borrow/buy a used ROSETTA STONE SPANISH
  2. Find a free/cheap class or tutor
The big Guy upstairs must of caught wind of this, because on Tuesday, February 2nd I was having coffee with my dear friend/mentor, Margaret, when she suddenly asked me "Do you want to learn Spanish?"  "Funny you should ask that because I do want to very much!"  "Come to my car when we leave and I'll give you a brand new Spanish C.D. set." 

Isn't that neat?  Now getting started...Can I get an extra dose of motivation, please?
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
-Psalms 37:4

01 February 2010

icicle lashes

This weekend was a Pennsylvania Winter Wonderland. Including an ice festival, snow tubing and, of course, the in-laws.

As we drove up the mountains to reach our destination of snow tubing (a.k.a. fast and cold) the snow began to fall.  Snow is magical.  It makes blah Winter beautiful.  (Get ready for a quick thought change.)  The Engineer has the most amazing eye lashes.  As we were playing in the snow with MIL and FIL he developed icicles on his eye lashes.  Do you see them?  My eye lashes had zero icicles.  I wish I had his luscious lashes, then I could break up with Maybeline.  She takes up too much time and money and flakes on me all the time...  I hope that our future babies get the Engineer's eye lashes, but my eyeballs.  I've got 20/20 vision and the mister has...well I don't even know, but it's not good - just picture a 2 year old with glasses.

(Continuing with my Winter story...) While we were at the ski resort tubing we learned (by observing the little ones) how to tie all four tubes together for extra fun.  Our favorite was - 4 way, lane 10 (the fastest lane), butts up (if you're butt is on the bottom of the tube it slows things down).

Good times.

Ice sculptures that you can ride. This particular one inspires me. I'm thinking when we have more than our shoebox condo space that we should get a tandem bike. 1/2 pink and 1/2 blue, with purple in the middle where the two colors combine. Wouldn't we be the cutest couple you've ever seen riding down the street?