21 October 2010

the empty box

I've been thinking about posting like every day, but just can't seem to get myself on here these days.  Mostly because I have nothing nice, funny, or happy to say...well besides the obvious, I'm pregnant, but you know that already.

This shirt pretty much sums it up. (Thanks Katie and Phillip!) I like to wear it to remind the Engineer why I've become a helpless whiner and why he must be the helpless whiner's servant. Don't you wish you could be lucky enough to be married to me?

Ginger is pretty much my new best friend. 

Moving on...I don't find the following story funny, but the Engineer sure did, so it's the best thing I've got for you all right now. 
I'm not really digging sweets so much these days, but I do LOVE a good Snickers Ice Cream bar...MMMmmm. The other day I decided to buy a pack instead of over paying for individual ones all the time. 6 in a pack. This means
1 for me + 1 for the Engineer = 2
2 X 3 evenings in a row = 6
All 6 Snickers bars are accounted for.
On day 3 I ate my LAST snickers bar and went to the gym (I know very well thought out of me) figuring the Engineer would eat his while I was gone. However to my surprise on Day 4 I looked in the freezer and saw the Snickers box still sitting there. Wow, did he really forget to eat his Day 3 Snickers Ice Cream?!? So, I go over to the couch where the Engineer was located and put on my cutest 'I'm queasy and pregnant with your baby' face. And I ask the Engineer, Is there any chance I can pretty please have your last Snickers Ice Cream?  "Yeah, I guess."  Really!!???!!! Wow, you're so awesome!

And would you believe it?  The dang box was empty. 

OH MY GOSH!  I can't believe you just did that.  That was so mean.  (And he just laughs.  He's cracking himself up.)  You're going to McDonalds right now and getting me a Fish Fillet sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce (it's weird, but this is currently my favorite sandwich) and a hot fudge sundae!  No, it's not funny.  I'm serious go right now!

Oh Engineer, you think you're so funny... 

07 October 2010

food is the issue

Oh food. It's a huge source of tension in my life. I'm some how simultaneously starving and insanely nauseous all at once 24/7. 

Just the sight or smell of it can make me feel sick, but not enough of it and, guess what?, I feel sick. The Engineer is officially confused by me. At brunch the other day I ordered two breakfast meals, exclaiming I'm hungry ok. and You do know I'm pregnant, right? (which is my favorite line to use these days). He assured the waitress "I'll help her finish it." I finished my omelet and was down to my last 2 pieces of french toast when the Engineer thought he'd be 'helpful' and take my last piece. Babe I'm so hungry, I really want all my food. "Who are you?" (he's quite used to stealing food of my plate) And I explain to him how pregnant-Julie is a lot like 13-year-old-Julie, she's a growing girl and a bottomless pit, and you best back off.

But in all seriousness if I'm not eating all day, I'm probably about ready to ralph. And I can go from zero to sixty on the hunger scale in about 10 minutes, which is also confusing the Engineer. "Are you hungry for dinner" No, I'm not hungry at all. I had like 3 snacks in the car. Don't even talk about food. (10 minutes later) I'm starving. If I don't eat right now I'm going to vomit. "What?!"

(Let's make that pregnant-Julie is a lot like 13-year-old-sea-sick-Julie.)

So, now we (well me, that is) have 1st breakfast, followed by 2nd breakfast, and sometimes even 3rd breakfast, and so on with the rest of the meals. Just like The Office. I could use a Kevin, because the Engineer certainly doesn't have my back in the food department...considering he's off gallivanting around at work and school most days and evenings.  Ridiculous.

To be fair, however, I must say that when the Engineer's not attending to his other "responsibilities," he is trying his hardest to make my tummy happy.  He may have possibly been promoted to Saint status this week.  We'd have to double check with the Big Guy upstairs on that one, but I think I heard something about Saint Engineer the other day... 

You do know I'm pregnant, right?

04 October 2010

anniversary with a side of fall foliage

This year to celebrate our anniversary we spent the weekend in Harper's Ferry, WV., hiking, b&b-ing, eating, and horse racing.

Go Allen's Monster, Happy Sailing, & Kimberly K.!!....fyi we lost $2, but we still love our horses.  Does anyone realize how small a jokey is in real life?  A man who weighs what I did in the 6th grade.  And I was a scrawny 6th grader.  I was so scared for them when they fell off their horses, as they have a lack of cushioning to protect them from the fall.  I'm glad our Little Engineer biologically won't be able to fall into the jockey category, as it has been added to the "things our kids aren't allowed to do list" (#1 on the list being football). 

Hope you all had a nice Fall weekend too.

anniversary flowers for yours truly
Happy 2 years (and my two most favorite years yet), my dearest Engineer!