29 November 2010

hot potatoe tvs

Last year over Black Friday I said to the Engineer...
If you really want a new TV and think we just have to have one (even though ours works just fine), then you can buy one next year on Black Friday.  To which he replied "Ok, deal!" 

And do you know what?  My homes didn't forget my insane delayed gratification promise. 

He talked about getting a TV on Black Friday all stinkin year long...

Maybe it's because our TV looked like this...

And it was a hand-me-down.  And the Engineer thought to himself "Why am I the only chump in town with a box tv?" 

So, if he had to get a TV that would mess up my whole armoire situation (a slice is pictured above), then I was getting a stand that would not only pleasing to the eye, but toy storage friendly (my freak out lately is where will we put all this baby stuff THEY say we need in our shoebox condo?  And saying "no" to clutter...is that even possible with a baby?).  Anyway, luckily craiglist provided me with the following at a well discounted price...

I provided craigslist with the old box tv and the rest was up to the Engineer and Brother to figure out on Black Friday.

Did you know it was 28 degree, snow/raining/windy in Ohio on Thursday night?  Well I gathered all the warm supplies the boys would need and sent them out at 11pm to line up at Target for our new 1/2 priced 42" FLAT SCREEN TV.  And do you know that people start lining up a whole 24 hours in advance for these deals? 

**(Meaning the Engineer and brother came home defeated before even having a chance to line up, on account that we calculated each store probably had no more than 10 tvs, therefore a line of 20 or more was pointless to wait in).

Then we all smartened up and realized on-line deals are good enough (and warmer to wait in line for too!) and purchased online instead.

For now we're left with an empty tv stand until Best Buy decides to ship the Engineer's new baby...

Would you believe that we are incredibly bored after just 1 evening sans tv?  No Kelly and Reg, no Office, no 16 and Pregnant, or Kendra, or football (ok that's actually AWESOME). 

On a happier note, I walked by Pier One the other day and was adoring a white Christmas tree through the window.  I thought to myself 'I want a white tree someday!'  AND then I magically realized, WAIT A QUICK SECOND we ALREADY HAVE one of those. 

And that, my friends, was a good day.

22 November 2010

i know it's messy, we'll put down a drop cloth or something

We've gotten some funny looks...good looks, bad looks, confused looks, but the decision was made about 3 years ago that we'd have a home birth. 

It began with my lactation training.  The more I learned about birthing practices the more I knew a home birth or birthing center birth with a midwife was for me.  It's not to make a statement or to prove anything to anyone.  It's purely because we believe it's the best decision for our baby and it makes me feel the most comfortable.

Isn't that what we're all doing here?  Trying to make the best decisions for our babies...from birth to car seats to what we eat... 
The Engineer wasn't always on board for this relatively uncommon birthing choice.  One day in 2008 I gave him an ultimatum, not in a mean way, but in a "to be fair" way.  We were engaged.  I was interning at a local hospital and the more I experienced hospital births the more I knew I couldn't do it.  We had watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born" and I had been sharing the reasons for my desire to birth at home, but the Engineer was still on the fence.  One day I came home from interning and provided my fiance with the following information: If you really don't want a home birth you shouldn't marry me, because I feel really strongly about having our babies this way.  And he just said "ok, we'll home birth."  And that was that, we never debated the topic again.  I guess he was quite keen on marrying me. 

Since then he's had the opportunity to quiz the midwives at our practice and review their statistics and research findings, pushing him way over the fence.  Numbers speak loudly to the Engineer. 

Now I'm looking into cloth diapering - definitely on the fence about this one (of course, the Engineer even more so than me).  Let's just face it, it's hard to go all in with breastfeeding and not come out a little granola. 

The Engineer and I have been quite lucky and would like to thank our family and close friends for having our back and supporting all our (Julie influenced) granola decisions!

18 November 2010

uterine growth

12 weeks and my uterus is starting to do that "is she fat or is she...?" thing.  (Of course it probably doesn't help that I insist on wearing tight stretchy clothes all the time.)  I'm loving it!  I thought it'd feel awkward to be in this stage, but all that matters is I know it's my babycakes.  It also helps that my bra keeps getting tighter and tighter on me. 

The other day we were going to the UPS store and in a wee bit of a rush and like every other DC day there was no parking.  So, we drive around for second and realize the spot by the handicap section is for "expectant mothers and mothers with small children". 

EXPECTANT MOTHERS, well by golly that's me. 

We ended up not taking it because right then someone pulled out of a regular spot and we didn't want to have to deal with the rolling of eyes when we got out of the car.  Although my plan was to hold up my hand and say "It's alright, I'm 12 weeks here!"  You know to assure the rolling eyes bystanders.

16 November 2010

i am forgetful

I have this reoccurring dream.  I'm back in high school, not as teenage Julie, but as 27 year old Julie.  For some reason or another I have to complete high school.  And for the life of me I can't make it to my classes...specifically Math courses and sometimes Spanish.  It'll be the end of the semester and I realize "crap, I forgot to go to Geometry all year...they're going to fail me."  Then I get all high and mighty and remind them "I have a Masters degree for heaven sakes, can't you just give me a high school diploma!" 

I don't know what the deal is with this dream and why I have to keep going back to high school.  The Engineer figures I have unfinished business.  To which I reply "I graduated with honors...how could I finish my business any better?"

In my dreams I can never be ready on time or get my crap together.  ...I'm late to the airport and without my passport...I can't find my Geometry class that I some how failed to attend all year...I forget to breastfeed my new baby for hours at a time...

(poor unborn baby)

Sometimes sleep is just plain stressful.

10 November 2010

pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen

Welcome to a new series, titled "Pregnant, Barefoot, and in the Kitchen".  We can thank the Engineer for kicking off this series, with his "We're pregnant" post.  I know this phrase may seem degrading to some, but I love being 1/2 woman of the world and 1/2 director of the home/gestating wife.  Thank you loving husband for supporting me with a foot in each world (and soon both feet in mostly one world, but we won't go there yet...Little Engineer has quite some time before he makes his big debut).

Ok, so I'm barely pregnant and this series will be 1,000 times cuter when I get a stinkin bump!  But until then let's move forward, nausea and all...

Apple & Pear Crisp

Bake your favorite pears and apples topped with butter, honey, brown sugar, oats, milled flax seed, and your favorite nuts - oh yeah, and don't do what I did and leave out the CINNAMON!

Ingredients (approximately):
2 Bartlet Pears
1 Gala Apple
1 Granny Smith Apple
4 TBS Butter
3 TBS Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Oatmeal
1/4 cup Flax Seed
1 handful of both Almonds and Pecans
2-3 tsp Cinnamon
2 TBS Honey

Slice apples and pears and place in baking dish.  Mix remaining ingredients (except honey) and crumble mixture over fruit.  Drizzle with honey.  Bake covered for 15 min at 375 degrees, uncovered for another 15, and on broil for 2 min, if needed, for extra crispy toppings.  Serve warm with a scope of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Fall treats are the best - so warm, comforting, and spicey.  It's time to start working on that extra Winter layer, friends. 

04 November 2010

the shrinking and the growing

In our house we have one individual who is getting a little bit rounder and whose clothes are just a wee bit snug.  Then we have the other individual who looks as though they could be swimming in their clothes. 

The scenario goes...
Me: I almost have these skinny jeans buttoned.  Hey, can you give me a hand?   
Engineer: Look at how much weight I lost!  (pulling his pants out, mocking those silly weight loss commercials where the person wears pants 5,000 sizes too big for them)

And you may think I would be the more expensive one to dress, but you'd be wrong.  All I'm going to need is a fresh set of $5 leggings from Walmart and maybe a larger $10 scrub top or two; while the mister needs $500-gazillion suites.   It's quite the dilemma we have on our hands.  And our goodwill pile has become a mountain (I had to get rid of my 13-year-old and under clothing...I figured I'm going to be a mom after all, so it's probably time).

If you happen to be in the market for 13-year-old girl clothing or Marcus' 2 sizes too big clothes, then we are your one stop shop! 

This was a couple of weeks ago, but that's pretty much what it looks like.  "Rounded" or pudgy or bloaty...whatever you prefer.  Of course if you're the Engineer, you find it to be ADORABLE.

02 November 2010

hormone regulation, please

I've been a little, well let's just say less than pleasant lately.  I've hated all my usuals...salad, eggs, oatmeal, yoga, cuddling or for that matter the Engineer's face too close to mine.  I've repeatedly told the Engineer that I'm definitely dying, to which he always disagrees.  BUT something is switching over - I guess the body does eventually adjust to all these hormones - and I'm starting to feel like a human again. 

Thank goodness.  I was starting to freak out about the Little Engineer taking over my body and making every inch of me miserable.  The Engineer keeps patting my belly and telling the baby "It's ok.  Mommy is crazy, but daddy loves you." 

Now the warm fuzzies are coming back and I'm remembering why I wanted this so badly.  So, go on Little Engineer...take over!