29 April 2010


You know those places that you love?  The places that bring back special memories? One for the Engineer and me is Iwo Jima - Picnicking in front of the Friendship Tower, because we're friends.  With benefits, that is...  When we lived near this area, I used to pack up a couple of PB&Js and a blanket and the Engineer and I would enjoy the lovely sight of the city while he slowly lost his ability to breathe. 

Tonight's menu: Turkey gyros and apples

The guy is honest to goodness going to make our kids the biggest nerds ever.  They'll be the only 2 year olds wearing baby glasses with straps, stuck inside all day because they're allergic to every tree and grass known to man, doing math problems.  I'm sorry, future offspring.  I thought long and hard about marrying bad vision, but your daddy is just so stinkin' lovable that I couldn't resist. 

I've mentioned donor sperm, but you know what I found out?  Men aren't really fond of the idea of another man's boys impregnating their wives.  Especially when you suggest a different race...because everyone knows non-white babies are the cutest.

Continuing on...we tried to recreate the "moment" the other day and we almost succeeded except it was just a little too cold.  But close, very close.  Maybe we just need a new picnic place.  Like an acre of asphalt over looking our new tourist attraction, I-395.  Romantic, eh?  How come the more money you make, the more responsibility you get and the further out of the city you end up?  The space gets bigger while the view gets suckier.  We were never fun, even with the prize location.  We see our couch most nights of the week.  It's red.  Now that was a good life decision.

23 April 2010

laundry week

HAPPY                                                              SAD
(DC's best Pina Colada)                                      (Laundry Week)

Do you how when you're in college and you do all your laundry at once at the end of the month when you finally run out of underwear? 

Well here we are, literally 5 years later for me and 3 for the Engineer, and we're still doing it college style.  Here it is in picture-form, standing naked before you. 

It all started with a matchbox 500 sq ft apartment - LAUNDRY 8 FLOORS DOWN.  It just made sense to do 6 loads at a time - it was "efficient".  You could wash and dry 6 loads just as quickly as you could 1 load, so why not be "efficient" and do this once a month?  Then we moved to our beautiful shoebox condo, with it's almost doubled space and nifty closet washer dryer set.  And I still can't break that dreaded monthly laundry routine.  And now it is no longer efficient.  And now laundry drags on for 3 solid days.  And now in our house it has become dreaded laundry week.  And now I need a pina colada!

16 April 2010

it's just vanilla

1. vanilla
Unexciting, normal, conventional, boring.

Remember when vanilla was cool?  You know it was 1991.  Does vanilla ice ice baby mean anything to you? 
Ok, so the vanilla I'm talking about isn't 1991 cool, but it's a nice thought.  The Engineer and I are so vanilla that we almost only buy vanilla ice cream these days.  Vanilla bean to be exact.  You know those little flakes of bean add so much pizzazz to your taste buds!...  It used to be chocolate with chocolate chunks and nuts and cookies and brownies and whatever else you can squeeze into 1/2 gallon of heart clogging goodness.  But now it's vanilla, 1/2 fat....my picture corrects me, it's 75% less fat.  What's even in this stuff?  Wouldn't want to risk the fat...  The risks are getting more and more low key these days.  I'd like to add to urban dictionary the following sentence use: If you sit on the couch on Friday night and accidently fall asleep around 9pm, you must be vanilla. 
On that vanilla/foxworthy note, I think I'll bloganilla out.

14 April 2010

if these nails could talk

The Engineer and I didn't really find Vegas to be a good fit for us.  We're really quite unlucky people and we've decided unlucky people just have no business trampsing around the streets of Las Vegas. 

Would you believe it if I told you we've had 6 speeding/parking tickets in the last month?  We've been towed, we've been booted, we've had more photos of our license plates arrive in the mail then I care to mention.  We try to be good people, but some how any time we take a chance we always seem to get caught.  Unsurprisingly, Vegas was no different.  All those bright shiny lights were more like a huge photo enforcement area and gambling was like speeding right past the camera trap.

Since we were a little blah about Vegas (of course minus the gorgeous bride and groom - they were certainly worth the trip!), I'm going to have to let my vegas-fun-nails tell this story.

*This story ends tragically, like most nail stories, with a bottle of fingernail polish remover.*

07 April 2010

vegas baby

"How bout that ride in?  I guess that's why they call it Sin City."
I'm going to say this to the Engineer when our plane lands this evening in Vegas.  He doesn't read the blog unless I prompt him to, so this entry won't ruin my plan.  Did you see The Hangover?  We watched it last July on my birthday and I may have peed myself a little.  We're heading to a little Vegas wedding this week and between thinking about funny lines from The Hangover and getting my nails all did I'm getting into the Vegas mood. 

Watch out Vegas Baby - Me and these nails are coming in style!  Ok, we may drag the Engineer around with us too. 

Do you watch American Idol?  Yeah, me neither.  But everyone keeps saying that this guy looks exactly like the Engineer. 

Which one is which?  I'm telling ya, if I wasn't married to him I wouldn't know myself.  JK...He's the one that is 5 bazillion times cuter than that silly American Idol guy, of course.

04 April 2010


It's getting a little eggalicious around here...

Happy Easter!  We celebrated ours with family, church, and good ole fashion eggs. Now to decide what to turn these puppies in to...

02 April 2010

georgetown cupcake

The cutest little cupcake I've ever seen.

Oh and heavenly frosting too......

Georgetown Cupcake with two friends, Zarin and Michele, from my first grown up job. 

(Get ready Liz - we're heading here soon!)