28 September 2010

baby made

My uterus is crampy, my tummy is nauseous, but my heart is SO happy

Wasn't that sweet of the Engineer to post about us being pregnant?  He had a feeling we had achieved "success" this time and asked if he could be the one to post about it.  Considering he hasn't posted in a yearish I was happy to hand over the keyboard.  But I was thinking you all might want a little more detail...so here's MY side of things. 

I've developed this new happy dance since becoming pregnant.  Have you ever seen the horse trotting during the Summer Olympics.  You know, the absolutely ridiculous sport where the horse prances forwards, then to the side, fast and then slow.  And you sit there and think to yourself out loud "What the heck?". 

Well the Engineer and I have occasionally in life mimicked this prancing to make fun of such horse play.  AND it turns out that this is my happy dance.  We had an inkling that I was pregnant two Sundays ago, so on Monday morning I got up and peed on 3 sticks.  The first two were the line ones and the last one was the glorious Clear Blue Easy one that I have been saving for such an occasion.  Once I saw faint lines on both of the line ones I decided it was time to pull out my one and only infamous digital test. Low and behold I ran back into our room to wake a sleepy Engineer up with horse trotting and "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!".

And this is what we look like when we first wake up.

After a few minutes of celebrating our conversation moved on to...

Engineer: "What should we do now?"
Me: "I don't know, I guess eat breakfast."
Engineer: "No, I mean should we get the house ready or something?"
Me: "No, I don't think we need to do anything yet.  Ahhhh...We're pregnant!!"
Followed by me bargaining on whom I could tell asap.  "Can I tell Kristen and Sarah"   "And Chelsey?"   "How about Alex?" 

And do you know what?  I, miss no-social-calendar, had a social interaction schedule with friends every single stinkin day last week.  I tried so hard to keep it in, but some how I managed to spill the beans within the first 30 seconds to 30 minutes of every single social interaction.  And now I'm realizing "social interaction" is an awkward choice of words.

I'm also now wondering what possessed me to buy these new skinny jeans, one whole size smaller than normal, a couple of weeks ago?  If you happen to see me out and about and notice I'm wearing them every single day it's because I'm afraid I probably only have a handful of days left with them...  And if you happen to see me in them everyday unbuttoned, it's because I'm in denial that they no longer fit (which would probably take about 1/4 inch of growth in the waist area to be in the "don't fit" zone). 

Besides my splurge on extra tight clothing, I can't wait to have the waist zone grow.  Oh how I love a good baby bump, bring it on Little Engineer! 

26 September 2010

some things you know...and some things you don't (but will now)

This is the Engineer. I know what you're thinking, "The Engineer? He puts out less fresh material than a Hootie and the Blowfish concert, what is he doing writing?" Well, it turns out there is a moderately significant reason, and without further ado, let's count it down...

Let's start with what we know:

This is Julie...

This is Julie barefoot...
This is Julie in the kitchen...

(pause for dramatic effect)

And this is Julie PREGNANT!

I was figuring this would take a little longer, since it gives Julie so much quality "trying to get pregnant" blogging material, but I think she's plenty satisfied now to move on to the "being pregnant" stage. But aside from the blog, we're excited to be bringing a little Engineer/Lactation Chic into the world.

do you know what this means?!

22 September 2010

sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

You would have thought my dear Engineer was either 6 or gay if you would have seen him the other night with his ice cream cone. 

An ice cream cone is seems perfectly acceptable for all types of people from all walks of life, but when a grown man boldly goes up to the counter and orders:

"Small chocolate cone with RAINBOW sprinkles"  The cashier asks "CHOCOLATE sprinkles?"  "No, RAINBOW Sprinkles" the Engineer clarifies. 

He must be gay, 6, or special.  And if you must know, it's the later one.  That's my man.  Confidant in his manhood and in his inner child.

Here he is pride-fully ordering.

What I order looks like a pile of poo, while the Engineer holds princess magic in his hands.

My better half.

The - Oh yeah, I think I'm awesome - face.

I don't get it.  Sprinkles don't even taste good.  I'm clearly not as "special".  However, I do love the Engineer's inner child.  He can be so stinkin cute sometimes...

19 September 2010

if i had a 100 dollars

(sing to the tune of "If I had a million dollars...")  Which, by the way, came on the radio when we went to the bank.

The Engineer received a generous birthday check that said "Save for Pampers".  But since we're currently un-pregos we decided it really meant spend frivolously.  Ok, that was my idea and you won't believe it *gasp* but the Engineer actually went along with it!  His first answer was "I'm going to put it in the bank."  But then I elaborated on my frivolous day plan and he gave in "Ok, let's do it!"

Since it was the Engineer's birthday, after all, we went to the driving range.  Where I relaxed and soaked in the sun.

Next stop China Town!  A very unfrequented part of town by us, but it always looks intriguing

So, lunch it China Town it was.

 The Engineer and his friends have this rule that you must add "in bed" to the end of your fortune.  Silly boys...

George Washington's Masonic Temple - they wouldn't let us go to the top, so this one was free.  The Engineer bought a cigar to make up for the lack of frivolousness this stop provided.

While in China Town we realized All's Well That Ends Well was playing at the Shakespeare Company Theatre.  Tickets were $90 bucks each, but we snagged these last minute thirty-five and under seats for $15 .

We decided it would be a good idea to sneak sparkling wine and gummies into the theatre.  The wine ended with us chugging it at Starbucks (and when one is trying to get pregnant this picture probably doesn't sound terribly SMART).  (1) fizz in a water bottle must escape and now my purse smells like fermented yuckiness  (2) police are everywhere and do we really want to be in the same boat as the homeless man with his brown paper sack?  (3) no alcohol beyond the theatre doors and do we really want to publicly announce that yes, we did indeed buy the 35 and under tickets.  We both agreed we are not meant to smuggle beverages or do anything risky for that matter.  From now on we'll stick to gummies and water.

I loved this day.  Thank you, dearest Engineer, for sharing your birthday money with me and my ridiculous ideas!

18 September 2010

birthday boy

Pumpkin Spice BIRTHDAY cheeseCAKE for my love.

Coming soon...How would you spend $100 on one frivolous day?

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that most blog pictures involve the Engineer in this very green shirt, quite frequently?  Apparently we need to shop more often; however, that was not part of the frivolous day.

13 September 2010

the one time everyone should wear a string bikini

We think our future child that we are trying to conceive is going to be a boy.  Well I do, that is. 

It's because I've always referred to any chatter about our future off-spring as "Little Marcus" (or for the purposes of this blog we'll say "Little Engineer"). Maybe I used to do this to make the Engineer uncomfortable earlier in our marriage...I don't know?

Little Engineer was a LITTLE stubborn in being conceived last month. We have slightly more hope this month due to those glorious ovulation pee testers. They actually give me hope that, if nothing else, my body is possibly working properly, and we truly did give this cycle the best shot possible...if you know what I mean.

Now we wait. And ATTEMPT to take less pregnancy tests this month than last...

The best part of this all not happening in one snap is swimsuit season.  My ONE AND ONLY (yes, dramatic, but fair, don't you think?) life long dream has been to be insanely pregnant and in a string bikini.  When I realized we weren't quite timing things out for this dream to become reality, the Engineer promised me a trip South as a "Babymoon" (or "cheesy smeesy" if you ask me) if we do indeed end up with a baby prior to swimsuit season.  I would 100% take him up on that, because when else do you get to gain a large amount of weight (plus get huge boobs) and look even better with less clothing on than you did before?

little old ladies love it, i love it too

Hey homes!  How was class?  I've been doing this all evening (demonstrating my high knees with arms pumping up and down by my side, jumping jacks, and side kicks with punches)!  "Were you bored?"  No, I went to aquaerobics!  "You look like Napoleon Dynamite." 

(He's probably referring to my crazy hair I let air dry afterwards, definitely not my sweet moves).

Now to inspire you with uber healthy blueberry pancaketasticness.

All you have to do is replace the flour ingredient in your favorite pancake recipe to WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, OATS, FLAX SEED MILL, OAT BRAN AND/OR BUCK WHEAT, ETC.  I used 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup oat bran and 1/4 cup flax seed mill.  It was a little grimmy, but I like the chewy texture.

I had mine with goat's cheese and agave.  (Thanks for the tip, Sarah.)

One more thing - Do you watch the Jersey Shore, because you love a good train wreck?  Me too, well at least occasionally.  And my 2nd love, Anderson Cooper, feels the same way.  He said so when he guest hosted for Regis.  Isn't he a cutie pie?  MmmmHmmm.

07 September 2010

it ended the way it began

We only fought about 1/20th of what we normally do on a BFF weekend.  It's because Kristen had a baby and who can be busy with drama when you could be chasing this little guy around?  Babies are clearly good for so many things in life.  They get you out of annoying engagements, you can be late to everything, if something is awkward you can pretend like you're playing with the baby to avoid eye contact.  Hey Engineer, we should make one of those.  (Can you hear him in the back ground saying "I'm working on it!"?)

My face is too cute, I know.

The girls get to go out while the boys watch the baby.

Boys are you watching the baby?

And Summer comes full circle with a ride around Roosevelt Island.

01 September 2010

gearing up for the weekend

Lets count...

1 Baby Ethan
2 Marcus/ques'
3 BFFs on annual girls (alright, family-ish) weekend
4  Nights
5 Days off of work in a row..woohoo!
6  Probably too many people to keep in 900 sq ft?