30 January 2011

over halfway, already...

22 weeks.

I'm loving pregnancy (post 1st trimester, that is) and wishing we could turn things to slowmo.  It's going way too fast, don't you think?  Which leads me to think one thing (don't freak out, Engineer), we'll have to do this again and maybe again a few more times.

26 January 2011

sewing machine

Some of you may have noticed that when I start sewing projects I get a wee bit obsessive.  There's no stopping me until I'm done...it's the one time I actually ignore the Engineer.  Here are my latest projects this week:

My very own hoot hider in a baby stimulating fabric (matching the first one I ever made). 

Remember this fabric?

I used this blog post as my guideline for making this blanket.  It provides detailed instructions that are user friendly for the sewing beginner.  I did add a border fabric using what I think is the "90 degree angle corner", but I just made that part up.  The inside fabric is a minky fabric, that I might add is uber soft.  I also added a layer of batting for extra weight and warmth.

The Engineer apparently has a thing for minky fabric...

23 January 2011

an overload of cute

I'm excited to be able to begin making baby stuff now that we know the gender and I've totally gone into girl mode.  Lucky for me, BAF Sarah made an impromptu visit this weekend and the creative juices were flowing. The following is how you dress your babygirl Bumkins stylish, comfy, and cheaply. 

 Whale, Cupcake, and Dino.

Tree, Beaded necklace, Bird

A closer look at the little details...

All that is required for this project: Onsies, scraps of fabric, sewing materials (hand sewing works just as well as a machine), and iron on fusible paper.

18 January 2011

drum roll please...

I told the tech to let us know when she could tell what our baby was and give us a minute to try to figure it out. 

.......All I could make out was that there wasn't a penis.

........Are you sure this is the right place?  I can't tell what it is...

.....After making the tech point out all her anatomy, it is official that our Little Engineer is a GIRL!!!! 

She's absolutely perfect.  The Engineer and I fell even more in love with her as we watched her curl up next to my placenta (she's going to be a cuddlebug), with her feet over her head (maybe a gymnast, too?), while she swallowed and licked amniotic fluid (definitely a great feeder...she's been listening to my breastfeeding pep talks). 

"She already has me wrapped around her tiny intrauterine finger."  -the Engineer's first response 

(I'll pause now for your awwwww's.)

It's a girl.  Can you believe it?  I know either way would be incredibly exciting, but she's a girl and I got to see her and she's all mine. 

17 January 2011

bumkins xy?

or xx?

Soon we find out which outfit our Little Engineer will wear!


14 January 2011

what's a girl to do?

I went to the hair cuttery today (I know who goes there, right?), on account of the Engineer coming home and me wanting to get my hair did for him.  I did not request these, but this is what the hair gods decided to give me.

 What do you even call them?  Long, blunt bangs?

Is it still cool to do the poofy thing in the front, because I might need to do that for a few months till these bad boys grow out!

Or maybe I should just go emo?  Oh dear heavens...a 27 year old preggers shouldn't go emo.  It's tip toeing along side "16 and pregnant" waters.

The worst part is, my dearest Engineer hates bangs.  I went through a 4 year stage where I would cut bangs every fall.  Just got the itch.  Confused the daylights out of the Engineer, because it always ended the same way.  With regret.

It wasn't my fault this time Engineer...  Maybe it won't be so bad?  Kristen says your hair is suppose to grow faster during pregnancy.  And my pregnant body is pretty magical after all. 

In the meantime any suggestions (besides don't go to hair cutter)?

13 January 2011

Guess who gets to pick up her Engineer tomorrow?! 

20 weeks.

I have no new stories, unless you want to hear how pathetic I am without my homes...  BFF Sarah has already heard about it.  Everyday. So, I suppose I'll spare you all the details. 

11 January 2011

looking for tigers

My man's on an adventure.  Safaris, tigers, elephants, camels...there's no stopping him.  

On a cruise in Dubai.  Next stop, his beautiful wife! 

09 January 2011

big apple

My Engineer email sums it all up...
Your Julie update for the day: We had a nice walk to times square. I found 2 pairs of maternity pants, that actually fit, and a belly band thing at forever 21 (thank you high teenage pregnancy rates for providing me with cheap maternity clothes :-) Then Sar gave me like 12 shirts that work like maternity shirts/dresses (who knows why she had so many flowy clothes...) We spent part of the afternoon looking at magazines at borders, of which I looked at wedding magazines and planned sar and marques' wedding for them. It's going to be a traditional wedding at her home church, followed by a cute vintagey barn party with bbq and pie. I'm really surprised more people don't try to sweep me up as their BFF...

I desperately miss your face. Hope you are having a good sleep.

Love you, homie. xoxo

P.S. Btw, I may wear maternity pants for the rest of my life. It's like yoga pants in jean form. I'm in love.

One item I will not be taking from Sar's closet....

07 January 2011

jeepers creepers

On a bus to NYC tonight that entails unusual perks.  One being internet...isn't that something else?  Another being clean and unstinky.  But the most interesting is the bus driver, who apparently really loves his customers.  I've heard directly and over the loud speaker that he loves me, more frequently than you would on a reality newlywed tv show. 

"I'm going to love you each individually.  I'm going to love you all collectively.  If you have a problem...One from last year, one right now, or one this coming year...I'm going to try my best to fix it for you.  You're going to feel loved on this bus."
I'm debating if I should be creeped out by this or not.  It's nice to have a friendly driver, but it's also a little on the Cable Guy-ish side. 

I realized tonight, as I keep a hand on my computer and my leg on my purse while I dose on and off, that this is the easiest it'll ever be to take care of bumkins.  He's tucked away, all safe and sound, no worries for him, no worries for momma.  Soon enough bumkins will be on the NYC bus, causing worries, visiting his BAF (best auntie forever, as Sarah has deemed herself), and seeing the big city.  Little Engineer's an adventurous baby, just like his momma.  (Remember the gestating one gets to decide these sorts of things.)

p.s. Sarah, if you don't see me soon it's because I'm being "loved" too much.  Call for help, ok?.

05 January 2011

just to wet your appetite

Despite missing him like crazy, this makes me smile.

04 January 2011

new routines

My newest sweetest pleasure in life is bumkins' morning somersaults and emails from the Engineer.  (Oh, Engineer how'd we end up back to emailing...?) 

I can now feel Little Engineer, like more than just flutters.  Each morning I feel a hard lump and if I keep my hands nice and still I can feel my baby's bumps, as he tosses and turns.  And it's more than just little kicks, which still feel like flutters.  I'm pretty sure it's his bum and head.

I imagine it like this...  I've been lifeless all night and bumkins is bored out of his mind. Finally, morning reaches and I wake up.  The little guy gets so excited that it's time for me to move again that he tosses and flips around his playpen, my uterus. 

Then I give my little guy a love pat and wait to do it all again the next morning. (Oh yea, my mom says the baby is a boy according to the Chinese calender, so baby bumkins will remain a "he" for the time being.)

I can't wait for the Engineer to come home from all his exciting travels to show him the baby's newest tricks!  For now my email/skype descriptions will have to do...

My first email from Marcus:

Subject: Julie!

Hey Julie,
This is Marcus, the only not tall groomsman from the wedding.  I hope you had an enjoyable/safe trip to Indiana and have been doing well with your camp.  I made it back to PA safely, barely surviving Ohio (sorry, I'm done, I promise).  Anyway, I enjoyed talking to you on Saturday night, so I decided to check up on you to see how things are going.  So, tell me a little bit about yourself...What do you do, what do you love?  Do you make/listen to music? (I guess you could say it's a passion of mine).  Do you watch movies?  (Saying I do is somewhat of an understatement)  What do you think of Huntington, or just whatever pops into your head.  Well, I hope to hear from you soon...

And that, my friends, is how it all started.