30 May 2011

meet the new boss

Welcome to the world Maya Rosslyn! We are excited to announce that Maya arrived at 9:52pm last night, May 29. She weighed in at a perfect 6 lbs 9 oz, and 19 inches. Mom handled it like a rock star, and everyone is doing wonderfully. Maya had a whirlwind entry into the world.
-The Engineer

P.S. We have it on good authority that she is indeed the cutest baby in the world, and I am inclined to agree.

28 May 2011

no more hang ups, or hangovers for that matter

We decided to have a day of fun on our potential last week as a twosome.  It was kind of like our day of spending Marcus' birthday $100 and ironically that was one of first pregnant weekends (even though we didn't realize it at the time...). 

The day began with a stop for a "nutritional" breakfast.

Followed by some kayaking around Roosevelt Island.

We actually tried to pick up some ice cream cones, but Hershey's Ice Cream Shop in Georgetown doesn't open until 11am and it was 10am.  Crazy talk.  So, we settled for some iced drinks at Starbucks in Old Town instead.

After an afternoon of resting and cleaning up we went for a movie.  Movie of choice: Hangover Part II.  Not terribly recommended by myself or the Engineer (and we loved the first one)...it does show a lot of man bits, if that's your thing.  Next was dinner at a French Bistro.  Here's our left over dessert.  Yes, we ordered that much dessert that there were left overs.

I was told that if you're trying to finish a project or have some sort of psychological barrier that you can delay your baby's arrival.  I think I had been thinking about my last day of work (which was yesterday), followed by my day of fun with my Engineer.  Now I have nothing to hold me back.

Two very happy faces, ready for their babygirl to make them a family of three.

26 May 2011

tuesday has a 5% chance of baby

It's so weird to answer the following question "When are you due?" with a simple "Tuesday."  Of course I've always liked to state my due date as a range...."Late May, early June."  However, people are less satisfied with this response as we enter into the midst of late May.  But really, come on, all that Tuesday means is that I have a 5% chance of having the baby on that day. 

It's surreal how soon it is until we will actually meet our LE.  In some ways I truly feel like I'm just going to pregnant forever.  Every time I get a weird feeling or crampy we both start acting a little strange.  The first time it happened we just looked at each other and with our eyes said "Could this be happening?  I'm not ready yet!"  Then the Engineer grabbed a beer and I went to bed early.  (Apparently this is how we deal with these types of situations).  The second time I started to freak out on the Engineer.  "I don't think I can do this.  What if I can't do it?"  Then I realized I just needed to poop.  Now we are getting used to these 'false labor' signs...making us more prepared for the real thing to come.

We are ready for d-day, because it will bring us such a dag-gone cute prize; however, we have really been enjoying our down time.  Remember how I told you the Engineer finished his semester and I was going to have him all to myself every evening?  Well it's pretty much amazing.  All attention is on me and quite frankly, I'm enjoying our current situation.  So, we're excited for our baby to come any day, but not impatient to rush away our last days of just the two of us, sans baby and grad school.  (Oh can you even imagine baby and grad school together...ugh...we'll worry about that later.)

I leave you with my list of things I'm doing to keep my body ready for the marathon to come, as well as help encourage my body to enter into the land of baby delivering:
  • Walk
  • Stairs (two at a time)
  • The thing that we did to make the baby - Turns out sex can be an effective method for getting the baby out.
  • Hand expressing colostrum (the first milk) - This can help stimulate labor, but it also helps to create a better supply of colostrum.  I collect mine in little colostrum bottles just in case we have to supplement the baby for any reason after birth.  You can typically start doing this once you're full term, but ask your OB/midwife first.  For help learning to hand express check out this video by Dr. Jane Morton.  (Ok, so maybe you're now just thinking I'm a crazy lactation person, but you did read my blog title before you started reading, correct?)
  • Swim - Specifically the breast stroke.  In the pool you get to be cold and weightless...what could be better than that when your pregnant?
  • Child's Pose and Cat/Cow from yoga - These positions help encourage the baby to stay in the proper face down position.  You've heard about those 'sunny side up' bambinos?  Not a good thing, I understand.
  • Evening Primrose Oil - I'm taking 3 capsules a day orally per midwife instructions (I understand you start doing putting this on your cervix after 40 weeks).
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea - Helps tone the uterus.

39 weeks.

Now the question is...Will LE be a May or June baby?

24 May 2011

a day on the mall

We spent last Saturday with BIL, SIL, and the nieces on the National Mall.  It makes for the perfect place to picnic, fly some kites, and take a nap.  The Engineer and I realized we need to work on our parenting skills after two mishaps.  We had a cheap kite and bubbles to entertain Ada, however, they were a little on the faulty side.  Our kite had no string (fortunately SIL was prepared and had a back up kite) and the next day I discovered our bubbles had no wand. 
Me: Ada, I can't find the wand.
Ada: Look harder, Aunt Julie.
Me: Um....I'm sorry kido.  Let's go inside and find a ball.  Won't it be fun to play ball out here?
Lucky for me she's a sweet 3 year old and can be distracted by the next thing pretty easily.  But I'm seeing a future of a very disappointed LE if don't get our act together...  Parenting lesson #1: Distraction.  You mess up, a melt down is around the corner, think quickly and distract, distract, distract.

 Miss Ada being all grown up... She was loving her metro ride and all the planes taking off.

Lilly Bell was such a good sport.

SIL and her girls.

Apparently kite flying is tiring...

The merry-go-round

Such a sweet family!

21 May 2011

37 weeks and baby room

I've decided 37 weeks is my start of feeling "pregnant;" you know like phrases such as ugh, I'm so pregnant when I try to get  off the couch are coming out of my mouth.  The aches and pains are settling in, some swelling is starting to show, a slight waddle in my walk, and an excitement building to meet my little LE.  (please note, I still stand by pregnancy is awesome... give me a couple of weeks and maybe I'll change my mind.) 

The good news is 37 weeks also signifies that we are officially in the range for a home birth delivery.  The moon is going to be full on Tuesday the 19th...just sayin.  You may find me outside basking in the moon's gravitational pull that evening.

I'm finally ready to introduce to you our nursery.  Welcome to your picture tour...

Entering LE's room, which happens to double as the guest room, too.

Our functional/travelable baby bed (Thanks, Oma).

A stimulating mobile (good gift, Grammy), with handmade giraffe paintings in the background (by Auntie Sarah).

Our reading nook complete with a bouncy seat that turns into a toddler rocking chair.

Extra storage on top of LE's wardrobe.

Now this I am quite proud of: Couch bed...my solution for keeping a guest bed in an already tiny nursery.

Homemade pillows...Let's just say I have no desire to make a pillow anytime soon. (Bird pillow is from etsy courtesy of Grammy).

Pictures of all LE's friends and family that she can't wait to meet!

Books make great decorations!  LE's growth chart on the door to the right (again, thanks Grammy!).

I'm not sure nursery is the right word for this room.  Our goal was to keep it baby minimalist, gender neutral, toddler friendly, and functional (some how giraffes snuck into the mix too).  Thanks to everyone who contributed gifts and talents!

Now all we need is a baby to add to the room!

mr. clean apparently lives here

What to say when one's husband asks "How come every time you clean the countertops they look dirtier than before?" 

The Engineer probably won't admit it, but he takes pride in sealing and buffing our kitchen and bathroom countertops.  The worst part about being a part-time career woman (and soon to be stay at home mom) is all the household chores became mine.  The shoebox is small, so it's really not that big of a deal, but there were things that the Engineer was better at, such as floors and countertops. 

38 weeks.

We're about ready to roll into 39 weeks and it's weird to now think of delivery as approaching any hour to 3 weeks away.  There's the constant desire to keep the house tidy, the laundry caught up, and the to do list done.  There's also the excitement to meet LE, followed by my shallow sadness of losing my pregnant body and being left with one that's not quite so cute.  Then there's the getting pumped up to birth, followed by the freak out of I'm not ready to do this...isn't there another way? 

Welcome to the waiting game...

15 May 2011


A brief weekend recap...
-High school friends Edna and Sarah, plus Sarah's BF Marques (aka Marques #2) visited
-Beautiful baby belly art was made, but you already knew that.
-The Engineer and Marques had our carseats inspected by the Police department and were mistaken as a couple.  Isn't that cute?
-Edna read taro cards and LE's says she is the flower of lovers.  Her past lives were ones of suppression and she has possibilities in her future. (I know, please don't judge that I've already let LE dive into the Taro world.)
-LE got lots of loving.  She even showed her hiccups off for the girls.
-Edna did health histories for everyone.  We all need digestive enzymes.  We all probably have parasites. 
-I insulted Edna's super tight short yoga shorts that look like my underwear.  Feelings were hurt, but then laughs were had.  I am after all the conservative one...
-Sarah responded to a grand mal seizure on the Tripper bus.
-Edna puts green powder on everything she eats...it's seaweed or something.

Edna, like always, keeps life interesting.  You really just have to meet her.  And Sarah and Marques are always are favorite guests.  It was so good to have high school pals around, who already love my baby so much!

I leave you with some pics from our maternity photo shoot:

(36 weeks from http://www.maleknaz.com/)

baby bump lovin

The tradition of baby belly painting...


Belly button 75% popped.

37 weeks.

Thanks dear friends for coming to adore and decorate my bump.  You're the best!

09 May 2011

you and me baby, we're stuck like glue

Remember how I used to always blog about my patheticness and the Engineer ignoring me for grad school?  Well it's that time again...  With pregnancy some how I think I've been a little less pathetic (maybe someone would like to disagree...?), probably because I'm so entertained by this whole process of gestating.  However, the Engineer is finishing up finals, all the baby stuff is winding down, and I'm feeling the clingy urge coming on.  My body is sensing that he's going to be around every evening and it wants to be glued to his side to make up for all this lost time together.  I don't know if I can stop it.  I'm thinking walks and ice cream, shopping, and I'll watch you golf, and if you have to pee...I'll be there, too. 

The other day I asked the Engineer "Do you want me to skip yoga so we can hang out?"  and he just laughed.  How rude?!

Question of the day: How to get extra time in with the Engineer without smothering the poor guy? 

OR fingers crossed that my smothering is perceived as cute.  That's possible, right? 

07 May 2011

when you're this close does it count?

I hadn't thought much about Mother's Day for myself until my coworker asked if the Engineer was getting me anything.  "Doubtful." was my response.  The Engineer isn't big on holidays or gifts for that matter, so realistically I was thinking my chances of getting acknowledged were slim to none.  (Not that the Engineer sucks or anything...this isn't a hate my man post.  He's good to me everyday, not just when Hallmark requires it.) 

Then there we were.  Sitting on the red couch, watching tv - one of favorite places to be - and a DQ commercial came on brilliantly recommending getting the mother in your life an ice cream cake.  I decided to cash in on this one and informed the Engineer that this looks like a great Mother's Day present.  To which he said, "You're not a mother."  YES, he did indeed get "the look." 

I've got a bowling ball between my legs 24/7, let's not get stingy with the "mother" word.
I proceeded to tell him about my coworker's question and it turned out one of his coworkers had asked him the same thing.

Which leads me to this...

Aren't they pretty?  They came with a Happy Mother-to-be Day card (yes, Hallmark knows how to capitalize on these things, and we occasionally get sucked in).  I love you, homes!

Happy Mother's (and Mother-to-be) Day!

06 May 2011

getting showered

My baby shower thrown by SIL and MIL:

 Note the necklace t-shirt Ada and Lily are sporting.  Straight from my sewing machine.

How adorable?!  Sweet play sweets from LE's Auntie and BFFs.

I have officially been thoroughly showered with love and presents.  LE's room is about as complete as it's going to get.  After all the presents had been opened and guests had left, Ada asked her mom "When is Aunt Julie's shower?"  Isn't she cute?  That is a confusing word to use to describe a party.

Thank you, SIL and MIL, for such a lovely day!

03 May 2011

welcome to my pregnancy heaven

I was in heaven yesterday.  HEAVEN, I tell you!  I had my very own bump photographer for the afternoon. 

We've gotten one pic back so far to wet our appetites...

  36 weeks

Our photographer, Naz, was amazing!  She was friendly and had great ideas for creative shots.  Check her site out, especially if you live in the DC or NYC area!

Get ready for a week or two of photos of me and the bump (and I even let the Engineer join in a few, too).