28 July 2011

it's the end of an era

In preparation for the postpartum period, we bought a huge stack of disposable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.  (If you're uber green and cringing at this - we use cloth diapers, which has to have covered the dent the disposable ware made n the environment at least 20 times over).  This stack has managed to last us a complete 2 months.  A glorious 2 months of NO dishes, except pots and pans (and luckily even that has been low thanks to all the amazing food that has been brought to us by Church members, coworkers, friends and family)!!  The Engineer wants to switch solely to using paper products, and as much as I'm tempted to say "YES!", we need to be grown ups and wash our dishes...for the love of all that is right (and cheaper) in the world. 

It's a day of mourning in the kitchen of the shoebox condo. 

And because I can't resist...

26 July 2011

anything but the carseat

In the midst of trying to stay "baby minimalist" we bought (or I should say registered for) a convertible car seat that fits 5-65lbs.  Figuring it would get us through to the next kid (next kid?!?  yeah, we don't go there these days...).  Many people insisted I would regret not having the infant carrier seat, but I always insisted back that I would hate carrying that thing from our garage to the elevator and then down our long hall.  Life looks a little different when you live in a shoebox condo compared to that of my Midwest family and suburban friends, you see.  The downside has been that LE is a little less than fond of spending time in her car seat. 

Ahhh...is there anything worse than a baby screaming her head off while stuck in traffic?  I currently can't think of one darn thing (I can already hear the Engineer saying "That's a little dramatic.") 

The other day at my Mom's Group someone shared the best thing I've heard all week:
roll down the back seat window or turn the radio to a static station (aka create some white noise)

It's amazing how sounds that used to drive me crazy now are music to my ears if it means my baby shuts up!  And I mean that in the most endearing way possible.

24 July 2011

happy birthday to us both

Today I turn 28 years old and LE turns 8 weeks old. 

We had several people assure us fussiness for the baby (and adjusting to motherhood for the momma) peaks around 6-8 weeks and then greatly improves.  It felt like an eternity away when we first heard this, but some how we managed to survive.  All this week the Engineer and I have been looking at each other and asking "Whose baby is this?"  I almost took her to the doctor because I was sure she must be sick since she wasn't crying and demanding walks all day long.  Is it weird that at one point I was comforted when she started to fuss in the evening?  ..."Ah, there's my baby.  I guess she isn't sick after all!" 

Reading with daddy...and actually sitting through a whole book!

Looking pretty with momma.

And so many smiles.  Oh how I love smiles.

What a great birthday present.  We've peaked! 

13 July 2011

how to become social

LE and I at our New Mom's Group...

**You can't see it here, but LE was a naked baby at mom's group that day due to a huge blowout and a mom who didn't think to pack a backup outfit.  I'm learning slowly but surely how to do this mom thing...

I'm typically not terribly social.  The Engineer and I are the type of people who do not have many friends, but a handful of really close friends that are stuck with us for life.  My goal after having LE was to make some mommy friends in our area.  I decided that for me to be a good stay at home mom, LE and I were going to need to get out and have interaction with other babies and mommas.  That way when the Engineer comes home from work I have something to talk about other than how many poopy diapers LE had that day.

My two rules for my new job:
  1. Put on makeup (at least mascara at some point during the day)
  2. Get out of the house everyday (even if it's just going to the grocery store).
So, as out of character as it may be, I have been getting other mom's emails and phone numbers as I pass them in our apartment complex or in the neighborhood.  It's kind of like dating...in an odd way.  When the Engineer comes home I will proudly announce that I got another number that day.  I now have 4 new friends in our neighborhood!  It's hard to imagine that we went 2 years not knowing any of our neighbors. 

A baby really does change everything!

10 July 2011

cleaning the soul

Becoming a new mom is like starting a new job...that you never get to leave.  Not that it's a bad thing, it just makes the adjustment hard if your not great at dealing with changes.  I remember how tough it was for me to go from my full time job to being per diem in my new career as a lactation consultant (which meant I only worked a few days a month).  I felt so uncomfortable not having each day filled.  It took me several months to adjust to that schedule and to get over the feeling like I wasn't  "contributing" enough to the household.  Then I became part time and I actually grew to like my fluffy life.  It became very comfortable and I was thankful for it during my pregnancy (which everyone knows how much I loved that stage of life).  So, as with every change in life, the post partum period has been challenging for me as well.  I went from my fluffy life with part time work to a 24 hour, stuck for life job that required a lack of sleep and a lack of alone time or personal space. 

One night I realized I was leaving out an important element in my "recovery" process.  I believe God can preform miracles in our lives, so why during this time of need wasn't I turning to God more?  I imagined God our Father comforting me and helping me sleep the same way the Engineer and I do with LE every night.  Then I imagined God scrubbing the anxiousness out of my soul and pouring in His peace.  Since this day, the Engineer and I have started doing a little devotion and prayer at night together.  It's times like these that you realize how the lows in life strengthen you and make you better.  As the Engineer and I reflect on our relationship, it's always been our trials that have really brought us closer and made us stronger.  As much as we hate to go through them, we are thankful for the greater love that grows.   

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
-Philippians 4:6-7

And I guess I'll have no choice but to adjust to being a new mom, because, well get a look at this cuteness...

 She's got the tiniest little frog butt, and cloth diapers, well aren't they just adorable?

Oh, and that face...I could just eat it up!

Today and everyday, I am thankful to be LE's momma!

05 July 2011

why babies provide free entertainment

We are sitting in Church (yes, we've made it two weeks in a row!) and during prayer our grunty little girl has a huge explosion in her nappy, followed by her incredibly loud hiccups...putting everyone around us in giggles. 

And I get to hang out with her all day long.

We had a nice weekend, just the three of us.  We've been so caught up in figuring LE out and getting me better that we haven't really had much time to just hang out and bond.  It was a very relaxing weekend together...just enjoying our new little family. 

 A classic LE face (with a daddy in the background...yes, we are the only family who frequents the pool almost daily, but still manages to hang on to our pasty whiteness).

I dipped LE's toes in the water, but she wasn't too impressed.