30 September 2011

baby's first cold


We've been having one of those kind of weeks.  And I'm a sleepless momma, who can't seem to think of anything entertaining to tell you all.  Auntie Sarah is coming to visit us this weekend, so hopefully that will help us pass some smiles your way soon!

19 September 2011


This is what my LE is up to these days...

"Mommy, look what I did!"

It's pretty darn cute to watch her work so adamantly at flipping over...(except when she wants to practice all night long, of course).  Her new move shows off her chubby little thighs, which are her best feature these days.  Really it's quite mind boggling to think about much how LE is learning and how quickly she's learning it.  I watch her look at her feet and just wonder how much longer until she realizes she can grab them.  Everyday is something new and fun.

17 September 2011


We've been traveling seeing family and on vacation for the last coupe of weeks.  Here's pics from our family travels to Tybee Island, GA...

 Airports make us tired.

 LE was an awesome air traveler!

 My mommy makes me look like a senior citizen at the beach.

 Grammy and LE with their floppy hats.

 At my cousin's beach wedding.

Uncle Alex wears baby LE with style.

As amazing as LE is at traveling, she isn't so amazing at sleeping on vacation.  We some how went from 10 hours a night to waking every 2 hours to feed.  However, this blog isn't the place for complaining about silly little baby changes.  Because really...when you look at that face how can one complain?  My motto has been "This too shall pass." whenever things seem tough and then I remind myself that someday I will miss these night time moments together. 

01 September 2011

that's so high school

So, remember this post?  (It's all about dreaming I'm in high school and forgetting to go to class.  Oh, and forgetting to breastfeed my baby.  Ha.  Like that's possible!)

Guess what I dream about now...

I'm in high school...again...as the current me of 28 years old, master's degree, husband, baby....and I keep forgetting to take my breast pump to school with me.  I panic and call my dad in a tissy about how I need to pump and could he please bring it to school for me?