30 December 2011

ash cave

We took LE to Ash Cave, our marriage site, the other day for the first time.  She got to see a wedding while we were there.  I'm not sure who has an outdoor wedding in December, but it was cool that we got to watch one on LE's first visit.

It brings back good memories to walk through Ash Cave again.  We talked about how some people like to renew their vows, but we have no desire too.  Nothing could top that day.  And now here we are 3 years and some change with a little engineer.  I must say that 6 months has been the best yet!  She's becoming more and more fun each day, laughing more than crying (Thank God!, literally.), and becoming comfortable in her little world.  Those first couple of months are just WOW!  And not really a good wow, but a holy crap kinda wow.  I have to say it again, I know I've said it before, but it just keeps getting better.  And look at that little face, it's just too kissable.  We hope to have many more trips to our ole tying the knot spot with LE and all our babies to come.  I hope they love it as much as we do!

28 December 2011

why we are, obviously, no longer in a rush...

In DC everyone seems to be in a hurry.  A train to catch, traffic to fight, some place to be.  This is one reason I love being a stay at home mom.  I have no where to be, no deadlines to meet, no place to rush to.  LE and I just take our good ole time getting places and doing things.  My only timeline is to change a diaper and breastfeed every couple of hours.  Whatever else happens is just extras. 

Normally a flight wouldn't be noteworthy.  We already know LE is an awesome flier.  But today was different.  We got to the airport an hour and a half early.  Got to our gate, had an overpriced Starbucks coffee, and set LE down on the dirty airport floor to play while we played with our new Ipad.  Our gate was packed, so we sat at a nearby gate.  All of sudden things started to look empty and we realized it was past time for our flight. 

Yep, we sat there through all the announcements, including our own names being called several times, and missed our stinkin flight.  Apparently we were just out of earshot of the speakers and  I guess we were just in our own world, watching LE be cute, recapping on our week away, people watching...who knows.  So, then we got to hang out at the airport for an extra two and a half hours and try to justify to each other why we really weren't idiots.

Enjoying a pickle.  I was surprised she liked it so much!

27 December 2011


The Engineer and I were scrooges this year.  We didn't decorate or buy ourselves (including LE) presents.  Lucky for LE, she has un-scrooge-like grandparents who made up for our lack of spirit.

Christmas morning

We had this brilliant idea when we first got married that all glass ornaments were the classy way to do Christmas.  And I didn't really feel like fighting a newly crawling baby on the matter of "Don't touch the highly breakable tree."  Next year we'll get our act together.

Playing with her new toys (yes, that is an abacus in the background) and sporting her homemade hippie Christmas skirt.

22 December 2011

a baby letter

I smile real big now.  I'm starting to crawl, sit by myself, and pull myself up.  Mommy is a little concerned that she's going to have to start working harder now, but I think it's funny.  I love my toys and when daddy comes home from work...I hate diaper changes and getting my nose wiped.  I figured I should write you all and show you my cute face since my mommy is such a slacker these days.


13 December 2011

my breast friends

Ok, so this is going to sound lame, but I haven't been posting much lately because I lost my CAMERA BATTERY CHARGER...

And what's a post without some cute baby photos to go with it?

I basically have nothing without LE's cute face on here.  It's probably the only reason you read.  Be honest!  And before LE it was my super cute belly with her inside it.  And before that it was self photos of my handsome husband and me on all our fun trips.  My poor Engineer he rarely makes my blog these days...

Today LE went to her first Christmas party.  A colleague/mentor, Nancy, had a wonderful baby momma party complete with her as Mrs. Claus (too cute!) and Paula Dean french toast (yum!).  The best part about becoming a lactation consultant in the DC area has been the amazing mentors.  I'm so grateful to the women who have taken me under their wing and taught me all about the mighty "boob".  They are the women who forged the way and brought the field into existence, and I'm one lucky girl to get to stand beside them. 

A big thank you to Vergie, Margaret, Nancy and Maire (to just name a few :-)!

And then (to continue down this sappy path) a slew of young lactation consultants have joined me in this career and many of them have become my greatest friends.  We've entered the field together, had babies together, and dreamed of how we can shake up the breastfeeding world together.

It's the kind of field where women bond together and invest in each other, because we're all working towards the same goal.  We're all excited about the leaps and bonds made and we celebrate each step together. 

Don't you wish you were a LC?  Well hey, why not join us?!

09 December 2011

a skinny jeans kind of day

Today the heavens opened and I heard a

Because, you see, I was getting ready to meet my friend, Joanna, and baby Vivian at the mall today and I realized I had nothing but dirty jeans. (And in our household this means you've worn them a few times before you threw them in the dirty laundry basket...and with LE's spit up, even one re-wear is really pushing it.)  So, I thought well maybe just for the heck of it I'll try on my old skinny jeans that used to fit me like a glove pre-pregnancy.  You know the kind of jeans you sort of have to wiggle into and out of at the end of the day.  What do you know...They may be provocatively tight, but they fit!  So, I wore those puppies with pride today.

And because I can tell you the above story, I am feeling confident enough to tell you the following story...

I was out in Rosslyn yesterday, the Engineer and I's old stomping grounds and I was stopped by the Cosi clerk with this question, after ordering my pollo y pasta soup, "Excuse me ma'am, are you pregnant or is your baby already here?" 

**This photo is a couple of months old, but it gives you an idea of what I look like with LE in my sweater cocoon.

I looked down at my sweet LE snoozing in her pouch, aka the ergo baby carrier, and looked back at this lady with my best "are you serious" look, because clearly there was a baby head right there on my chest.  I opened up my sweater which encompassed both LE and I and showed the lady her legs dangling down my side to assure her "Yes, my baby is indeed here, but thank you for asking, crazy lady."

People say the darnedest stuff when you have a baby. 

05 December 2011

6 months

Last week my LE turned 6 months.  Can you believe half of a year already?!  She's growing so much every day.  This week her first little tooth popped through.  And I wasn't sure whether to celebrate or mourn, because you just really never know what these new steps will do to sleep and really isn't it all about sleep?  As soon as we're getting a good nights sleep we pray nothing will change!  But she's taking the new tooth thing like a champ, other than gnawing on her daddy and me all the time. 

Liking french toast and banana sticks. 

(Baby food modification: Make one slice of french toast pre-cinnamon batter for baby.  Bananas easily split into thirds, making perfect finger sized food for baby.)

Food suddenly became more interesting this week.  The Pediatrician told me no wheat, protein, or milk yet, but oops I had already given her them all (note: we have no history of food allergies). 

Lately, I'm becoming a huge fan of MATERNAL INSTINCT.  Seriously, where did all the maternal instinct go in our culture?  Have we lost it in some dark corner in the basement of society?  I think we should pull it back out, dust it off, and put it on the living room mantel, where we live our everyday lives.  For example, I don't need a medical doctor to tell me how to feed my baby, when to nurse, how to put her to sleep or comfort her.  I'm actually sick of professionals telling me I need to let her "cry it out," nurse less frequently, give her mushy Gerber cereals, etc.  I need a medical doctor to tell me if my baby's lungs, heart, and other body parts look ok, the other stuff I can figure out. 

That's the nice thing about a home birth.  If I can catch my own baby (with the assistance of a nurse midwife), I probably can figure out the rest.  So, trust that inner voice!  You know you're baby best, and you know what works for you and your family. 

Sweetly sleeping, my favorite.