22 February 2011

barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen: dinner and cupcakes

You know the interesting thing about this new "series" (which is clearly flopping, since this is the 3rd post in the series and I'm over 1/2 way through the pregnancy) is that since becoming pregnant I don't really care to be in the kitchen.  Baking used to be my favorite pastime, but then 1st trimester hit with it's nausea, followed by 2nd trimester's laziness. 

They say energy hits in the 2nd trimester, and yes I do feel great, but the Engineer and I are still waiting for this so called "energy."  I guess we'll just have to wait to see if the fast approaching 3rd trimester will bring any extra kitchen vibes.

Another new thing...I like meat.  All types of meat (even red) on a daily basis.  The Engineer is constantly trying to figure out who this new woman is.  She eats meat, has curves, and is rather...well "gassy" is probably the correct word. 

Pot Roast

It's just a hunk of meat that comes in a package at Trader Joes, 1 chopped onion, 1 minced garlic clove, heirloom potatoes, and a bag of baby carrots.  Sear the meat on both sides for about 5 minutes with salt and pepper. Cook for 4 hours on 350 degrees.

Cookie Cupcakes

-1 box of your favorite chocolate cake mix (or your favorite from scratch recipe)
-1 package of frozen or refrigerated break off cookies
-Your favorite buttercream icing with 1/2 cup chocolate chips mixed in (I usually go with the recipe on the back of the powdered sugar box)

Fill the cupcake tins with cake mix 1/3 way full and add 1/2 a cookie to each cupcake.  Bake according to cake mix instructions.  Once cooled icing cupcakes and viola.

Happy Eating!

20 February 2011

just pictures...

We went to NYC this weekend and discovered this is art...

Interesting, right?  Us on a morning walking tour (thank you Marques #2 for showing us around): 


Baby bump photos:

24 weeks.
25 weeks.
From my perspective...

17 February 2011

i finally met my favorite person

Today something special happened.  I've been waiting for this event to happen for a few weeks now, saying to the Engineer "Not one single stranger has asked me if I'm pregnant yet."  Knowing full well they're just playing it smart in fear of the "she may have just gained a few"...if they even notice, that is.  But tonight in my yoga class a fellow student came up to me and said "I didn't realize you were expecting!"  And I really wanted to hugged her, but that probably would have been creepy, so I restrained.  I don't even know her name, but she's my new favorite person.  That's about all it takes to be my favorite person.  Just awe over my bump and I will love you forever.

Sorry for the lack of pics, my internet is super sucky lately.  Stupid fill in the blank with any internet provider (I'll keep it nice on here and not call names directly at anyone)!  Maybe next week, if the techies can get it together, I'll get out a 24 week pic, just in time for week 26 pic.  Ah...week 26 already?!...slow down gestation....I need more time to soak you in.

16 February 2011

about gestating a super hero

Babygirl Bumkins is moving mountains already.  For about, well lets just say 20 years, Brother and I tried our best to get our parents to stop smoking.  But nope, they were as stubborn as mules.  Mom quit about 3 years ago, on her own accord due to a terrible case of bronchitis (Go, Mom!).  However, Dad remained mule-like. 

Then one day I conceived a child, to be his first grandchild, and something miraculous happened.  He started to make an effort to quit.  (Which even the effort, the acknowledgement that maybe smoking was bad...now that in itself was a small, but mighty miracle).  Maybe Mom threatened him, in fear of smoking limiting her time with her grandchild...  Or even better, as I like to think, our Little Engineer is a little super hero of some sorts

Baby Bumkins
Addiction Fighter 

with her ability to make change happen through her silent, yet oh so powerful presence.  He is currently working his way off electronic cigarettes with no nicotine and hasn't had a cigarette since December 2010 -HALLELUJAH. 

You may be a little squeamish about our Little Engineer, Brother, but you've got to give her some respect...she made something happen in her 5 short months of existence that we had been working on for decades!

I am incredibly impressed, Dad!!  Apparently Bumkins has already found a soft spot in your heart.  Watch out world, I can only imagine what this little girl is going to accomplish next!

07 February 2011

what it's like to have a preggers sil

Well, it's pretty much awesome.  After SIL had her first, little cutie pie Ada, we thought maybe you'll have your second when I have my first!  And that's exactly what we did (of course not quite on purpose, but it's definitely special that it worked out that way).  And for a little extra icing on top of the cake, we found out they're both going to be girls.  Girls 3 months apart, with a big sister/cousin to be alpha dog. 

One of many play dates for Lily and Little Engineer. 

On a different note, the Engineer is joining me in nesting and has been knocking out his honeydo list like nobodies business.  We've got new blinds, functioning toilets, modified furniture for the baby...  On my end, more sewing projects, registries, and my latest idea, a couch bed.  Baby minimalism has actually been fun.  Coming up with new uses for old pieces of furniture and ways to fit the necessaries into a small space has been a good challenge for the nesting urge.

03 February 2011

it's about time we kick him out, if I do say so

Several weeks ago the Engineer and I were watching a ranty news show and my ears piped up when I heard this:

"The most conservative people, people who have pictures of Ronald Reagan on their wall..." 

This is important, because, you see, we have this picture in our guest (soon to be baby) room. 

I know it seems unreal.  Like maybe I'm just making it up?  But here it is.  It's for real.

I wouldn't call the Engineer "the most conservative", but yet we do have Reagan hanging out on our wall, the wall that will be watching over our future offspring.

It was probably about 5 Summers ago the Engineer picked up this sketch of President Reagan for a buck and I know he would have totally forgot about it, but MIL got it framed (she likes things neat and orderly) for his college apt...  And here it has followed us to our shoebox condo, creeping out our guests, and now our baby is next in line.  My friend Bethnie, from Australia, asked whose grandfather it was on our wall.  I say that's a sign.  A sign to maybe put Ole Reagan in a box until we have a basement or something.  Like a man cave, but there's clearly no room in a shoebox condo.  It had a good run here.  I tried to be the understanding and do the good wife "we can keep your stuff too," but let's just be honest...it's kinda creepy.

Today we say goodbye, to our beloved president and wall-friend.  We'll see you again when (if ever) the man cave exists.