27 April 2011

and the beat goes on...

35 weeks.

My sweet LE is growing so big these days.  Everyone says she's tiny, but I can tell she's getting bigger and stronger each day.  I have a feeling she's going to shock everyone and be a decent sized baby...(or maybe I'm wrong and she is actually a little peanut).  I've been working on collecting the last of our supplies.  Just to wet your appetite, one needs a placenta bowl when having a home birth.  I never fancied myself going out and picking out an adequate bowl for such an occasion, but life's funny like that.  Don't worry though...we don't have any bizarre plans for the placenta.  And then there's making a birth plan...I thought I'd love doing this, vocalizing my every wish.  But it turns out it's kind of annoying and I'm not really up for planning for all the "worst case scenarios".  It'd just be nice to know ahead of time if one needed to worry about such scenarios or not, in order conserve energy, don't you think?

I'm very at peace right now with my pregnancy and upcoming delivery and sleepless nights to come.  It all seems so natural and at the same time such a fragile process that I'm thankful to be a part of.  Honestly, it's hard to even put into words how amazing it is to be hosting new life (I know, pregnant women are smug, we really are!).

The Engineer asked me last night if being pregnant is everything I dreamed it would be and the answer is "Yes, it's even better than I dreamed." (Because originally I was worried about my organs feeling claustrophobic, but they don't so much.)  Although, as much as I love being pregnant, I'm starting to become excited/anxious to meet my babygirl!  Lucky for me that day is soon, very soon.

25 April 2011

tinkle bell

The Engineer red eye, sneezing, and hocking up phlegm.  Me, well one big sneeze left me with a wet spot the size of a rather large pancake in my crotch region. 

This was the excitement (or patheticness) of our Monday evening Spring walk. 

Can some other pregnant person or mom out there please tell me they also struggled with peeing themselves in the later part of their pregnancy?  I've never been known for great bladder control, but seriously...you can hardly take me out in public anymore.  At least I know babygirl is head down and ready to go.  Head down on my bladder making me go, that is.

According to the Engineer I make some sort of funny face when I've just peed a little.  He then immitates me each time he sneezes.  He thinks he's funny or something...

24 April 2011


The Engineer and I had a lovely weekend of relaxation in Annapolis, MD.  We ate, slept, ate, got massaged, slept, ate, swam, ate...and you get the point.  My favorite part about going on a trip is the hotel.  I love sleeping in a huge king sized bed that someone else makes for me everyday.  The hotel offered a "green reward" for declining maid service.  It may be the right thing to do (decline maid service and save planet earth), but I love fresh crisp sheets and towels, looking all pretty, way too much.   

Chick and Ruth's diner.  We got to join in the daily ritual of "I pledge allegiance..."

 34 weeks.  (We took no bump photos...for some odd reason).

Last trip pre-baby, but the real adventure has yet to begin...
Hope you all had a Happy Easter weekend!

21 April 2011

wait...was that our baby?

We had the fortune of having one last surprise ultrasound this week.  I was so excited to see LE (Little Engineer) and to see her in 3-D, well I thought at least.  It turns out we picked the no frills place: no 3-D and a tech only interested in organs and sizes.  She gave me one glimpse of LE's crotch (it doesn't hurt to just confirm...) and one rather poor glimpse of her face and the next thing I knew she was done.  I know this is a "medical" procedure, but don't we get to have the fun part too?  You know, where we oohh and awww over my gorgeous babygirl?  Guess we'll just have to wait for the real thing...D-day. 

The Engineer and I have a special weekend planned, it's our staycation-ish babymoon in Annapolis, MD.  We wanted to go to Miami, but our only free weekend is this coming one and Easter really put a spike on airline tickets!  So, instead we booked a hotel that has a pool.  Swanky move, if I do say so...  Either way I end up very pregnant and in a bikini.  We have planned nothing but pure relaxation.  I got a confirmation today for our "PARENTS-TO-BE COUPLES MASSAGE," which made me giggle.  Sounds funny, right?

Can you even believe it's 34 weeks?  I know...I keep doing this.  The Engineer is baffled by my amazement of this pregnancy and my desire to stay pregnant forever.  Every now and then I look at my babydaddy and then my belly and ask him "Can you believe there's a baby in there?  A REAL baby?  And she's big and could survive!  There's going to be a baby soon..." 

Oh and according to the ultrasound our baby's got one cute tushy.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to hold her forever and ever and never share.  You might as well not bother visiting us.  Ok, I'll let you hold her while I pee. 

18 April 2011

spring baby cleaning

 33 weeks.

After this photo I asked the Engineer "Wow is our lense really that dirty?  Look how fuzzy this photo is."  Followed by "No, hun, it's our mirror."  And upon closer inspection our mirror is wearing a nice fuzzy dust blanket.  Can you see it?

The baby started telling me about last week that it's time to get this place spic n span.  It's time to start collecting all the birth supplies the midwives keep asking about and I always think to myself we have until 37 weeks.  But guess what folks?  It's time to nest.  In my mind, up until this point, all she really needed were some diapers, check.  But now the empty corner where her bed should be is bugging me, the chemicals located under the bathroom sink and not up high (even though crawling is months away), our dirty baseboards, and dusty everything are all bugging me.  I really want to higher a cleaning lady to come zoom through this place, but I cannot yet justify the cleaning lady (Definitely after LE's arrival!  Very justifiable then.)  I think delivering at home makes the nesting more severe.  I cannot possibly relax and birth in a cluttery, dirty home.  Our balacony even had to be spiffed up, with flowers and all.  The Engineered didn't see the point in planting flowers as we tend to underwater them and let them be face to face with death all Summer.  However, I couldn't see how I could possible birth a baby in the Shoebox without pretty flowers outside our windows.  

Babygirl must enter the world into a cheery, happy Shoebox.  Now off to clean and settle these urges!

From my perspective.

11 April 2011

our cup runneth over

We had a wonderful time in Ohio with family and friends this weekend.  The Engineer got to go golfing with my dad, the uncles, and his twin, Marques #2.  While I was showered with beautiful baby girl presents and, lets just be honest, baby bump adoration.  I was seriously overwhelmed by the generousity of all our family and friends.  By the end of the day I had a bad case of present face, a sore throat, and achy feet...all signs of a successful baby shower! 

Even brother showed up.  Wasn't that nice of him?  Grammy is definitely excited for her first grandchild!

 My very own diaper cake (thanks, Chris!)

The yummy actual cake, with a very fitting giraffe theme to match LE's room.

 Some of that baby belly lovin I was talking about.  My guests did not hold back :-)

 This is why one ends up with present face....too much smiling.

A snipbit of LE's wardrobe.

Some of my favorites - homemade gifts (thanks, Debbie, Annie, and Mom)!

 Thank you to all my great friends who traveled so far to be a part of my and LE's day.

One of LE's friends, cutie pie Gabriel.

My absolute favorite gift, however, came from two of my aunts.  Individually they had come up to me at different times to ask how pregnancy was going.  I replied "Pregnancy is great - I'm loving it!" (as you all know, my freakish ways of loving pregnancy too much).  And they both informed me that it sounded like I was taking after the Enderle women and was going to have an easy delivery.  All the Enderle women apparently have easy breezy uncomplicated deliveries and ultra quick deliveries after the first one (with one cousin being born at home, accidentally).  This really shouldn't surprise me, as my Grandma Enderle had 15 babies herself.  Clearly the DNA is set to have babies and lots of them.  Thank you Aunt Patti and Marlene for your encouragement!

Thanks everyone for a great shower - especially my lovely hosts, Aunt Debbie and Letha!  Now to figure out where all this stuff goes in the shoebox condo?! 

07 April 2011

hiccups and the naval

Babygirl bumkins is taking after her mama, poor girl gets the hiccups all the time.  At first I thought she was rhythmically kicking me (which would not be a trait she would get from me, as I was not blessed with rhythm or coordination), but then it hit me: My baby's got the hiccups.

I think I could be pregnant forever.  I love having LE (Little Engineer) right here with me all the time, being all low maintenance and adorable.  I've decided while it may suck when shopping for one piece swimsuits or shirts, it definitely pays to be tall and long waisted-ish when pregnant.  I'm finding the third trimester to be even better than the 2nd trimester.  I'm starting to become more "clearly" pregnant and I LOVE the attention.  Care to comment on my bump or give it a little pat?  Go ahead, I can't say I blame you.  Maybe I'll want to eat my words in a month, but for now I'm wishing to be pregnant forever. 

The Engineer and I have been keeping close tabs on my belly button, as it slowing inches its way to a state of "POPPED".  I'm really hoping it pops by the end of the month, which just happens to be when my maternity photo shoot is.  The photographer keeps using that phrase: PHOTO SHOOT.  Sounds so, well not something that belongs in my life, but I'm going with it as I must document all the steps of this glorious new body and baby.  In our hypnobirthing class last weekend, guess who was the only one to raise her hand to this question - "Is anyone going to video tape their birth?"  If it's good enough for Kourtney Kardashian to do maternity photos and video tape her birth, then it's good enough for me.  So don't be surprised if I offer a viewing of my photos or video next time you come to visit (although, I will accept a polite decline if you are now afraid to visit post baby).

32 weeks.

Little Engineer, mama would really like to have a distinct belly button for our big shoot...maybe you can start growing more towards the naval direction?