31 March 2012

holistic mothering

During my pregnancy with Maya I met my good friend, Joanna. Joanna was working as a doula and finishing up her hours to officially become a lactation consultant. As a soon to be home birther and mama, I was very drawn to all Joanna's knowledge. She was one of those people that you just know is going to be your forever friend. I've never been a person to make tons of friends, but when I do I tend to keep them around. I called Joanna out of desperation to help me with Maya during my early something-must-be-wrong-with-my-baby-she-won't-sleep-or-stop-crying and PPD days. She came every time and helped make it better. Then she called me when it was her turn a couple months later when she had her sweet Vivian, and I did my best to return the favor.
So out of our shared career paths and motherhood paths, we decided to create a business incorporating both worlds. You don't need to be a mother to be a lactation consultant, but I do feel that becoming a mother has changed my understanding of how desperate you can feel during those beginning weeks of being tossed head first into motherhood. We hope to offer the best possible support to make that transition easier for new mamas!

Yesterday, we launched our website! I think it's pretty awesome. What do you think?

Please follow us!

26 March 2012

white tees

What does it say about me that I went out and bought the Engineer 20 new undershirts?

(a) I hate laundry
(b) I'm lazy
(c) I'm brilliant
(d) All of the above

20 March 2012

when a lactation consultant breastfeeds: part two

9 months later and we are still going strong.  I have been blessed with a good supply and an awesome little eater. We still breastfeed on demand, meaning LE eats every 1-3 hours (3 being a stretch) during the day. I think it makes life easier for the most part, but occasionally I'm jealous of the moms who know they for sure have a 3-4 hour stretch before their next feeding...like when I'm trying to leave her with someone. It's been nice to not have extra costs or prep or cleanup to deal with. The best part is that it makes a mobile and wiggly LE sit still and cuddle with me for a few minutes throughout the day - and that is my favorite thing ever. I also love having her fall asleep in my arms (again, occasionally jealous of the moms who can just lay their babies down in their cribs for naps without having to have a nursing marathon...). Sometimes, because I'm a breastfeeding and stay at home mom, it feels like the pressure is all on me. I try my best to remember these are just moments in LE's life and they will soon pass, so I cherish them as much I can.

Around 5 months LE became more interactive during her feeds. Most mornings we now all three lay in bed with LE nursing, coming off occasionally to give daddy a big smile and a "da da da da.". I used to freely nurse anywhere, but now I need to retreat to more isolated places to keep my girl focused and not to mention its impossible to stay discreet these days.

Lets address an issue on a few people's minds...LE does have teeth now, which makes a lot of people apprehensive. Yes, I have been bitten and it did hurt like a mother, but I quickly taught LE that this would not be productive behavior with a firm "no" and sitting her down for a few minutes. Let's just say she doesn't like having her meal interrupted.

I know breastfeeding was expected of me, but it has truly been one of my favorite parts of motherhood...my constant when at times things seemed out of control.

Sitting up to feed.

Standing up to feed.

Falling asleep while feedig.  Aka: forced cuddling.

15 March 2012


Sporting two bottom teeth and two side front teeth.

LE has gotten so many calls to be on all those trendy vampire tv shows. I mean with a smile like that it's bound to go one of two ways...vampire or hillbilly. And LE likes to keep it classy, so vampire it is.

I've been the victim of a bite or two. Luckily baby vampires are mostly harmless, unless we are talking breastfeeding...

Sinking those fangs into a yummy apple. She's such a big girl now that she tries to feed me food.

Enjoying some sunshine with her pal, Lucy. (She's a daytime vampire, thankfully.)

Although the offers to act are tempting, LE has decided to stick with her current day job - PLAY!

11 March 2012


You may not remember this, but I used to post about food.. Since LE I (a) rarely make anything interesting or (b) forget to photograph it. I spend most of my photographing energy trying to capture LE, who seems to immediately stop what adorable thing she is doing to go on a full force mission to capture the camera/phone from me.

The other day at Trader Joes I saw peanut butter filled pretzels and immediately thought they should be dipped in chocolate! Easier than a buckeye and you can eat more since the pretzel cuts the sweetness of a normally ├╝ber (my iPhone auto corrected uber to have the dots on it...fancy, eh?) rich buckeye.


The Engineer didn't like my title "buckeyeretzel," but it's obviously ingenious, Mr. Penn State.

"Mama says no sweets for me until I learn to brush my own teeth..."

10 March 2012

best hair day ever

And best roll day... (Babies get away with murder. They burp and everyone says "good one", they have a loud explosive poo and moms get excited, they have fat rolls and we not only admire them, but take pride in those adorable rolls!)

Post-bath daddy hairdo!

07 March 2012

vroom vroom

Remember this post? Yes, when I justified stealing things outside of the Salvation Army bin on a walk with the Engineer and a very pregnant me. Well guess what? LE loves her stolen car!

Riding in style.

the birthday girls

It was cousin Lily's first birthday last week!

And her sister, Ada, turned 4!

These two love playing video games together.

And these two love playing with Oma's bracelets.

Oh how happy these two make my heart.

01 March 2012

if i could turn back time

How did I survive the torturous (yes, this is the right word) first weeks of motherhood without a smartphone? Think of all the emails, blogs, and Facebook updates I could have written and read while LE nurses every 10 minutes... All the pictures I could have snapped of LE. And videos! All the articles I could have read while LE finished her naps in the car when she inevitably would fall asleep as I pulled into the garage.

Instead I just set and thought, mostly about how I wished I was sleeping too!

And directions...oh how many times have I called the engineer lost with a baby screaming in the back. I can't believe I was such a laggard, how embarrassing?

Does anyone else want a "do over"? Not that there haven't been many wonderful new mommy moments with LE, but the chance to do it all again knowing what to expect and already being in mommy mode. And most importantly - line help up for at least 6 weeks! (Oh young pre-momma Julie who thought I would want my new little family of three all to myself.) Although we are no where near number 2, I am looking forward to my do over. Heck, if it goes well I may even entertain a number 3.