29 May 2012

happy birthday, sweet girl

It was about this exact time last year that LE entered the world. I think it's fitting to revisit her birth post http://marcusandjulie.blogspot.com/2011/06/mayas-birthday.html.

My first words when I saw (caught) LE: "Oh sweet baby!"

And she has indeed been my sweet baby.

Birthday frozen yogurt. Man oh man have we come a long way!

26 May 2012

i'm a big girl

Hey you, I'm about to be one.

And I'm in love with berries, if you were wondering what to get me.

I also like pushing my friend, Vivian, around. I'm a big girl now, so I walk everywhere and throw a fit if mama tries to strap me down.

Here's my friend, Corrine, taking me for a spin at the playground.

I love cars and dinosaurs. Mama and I spend hours playing in the rocks with my dump trucks. And I growl if you ask me "What does the dinosaur say?".

I also love necklaces!

Tomorrow is my big party. I'm so excited to see my friends and family!

18 May 2012


LE learned the sign for "milk" (aka nursing) this week. I was so proud of her! I probably only remember to do baby signs once a week...I love the idea of baby sign language, but it's hard for a slacker mom like me. So, when LE came up to me opening and closing her cute little fist I just about melted. She also started to take little nursing breaks to give me a big cheesy smile and stick out her tongue. I think she got that smile from her dada.
It's been almost a year of breastfeeding. And like I always say, it has been my one constant, predictable, good thing in this whirlwind year of motherhood (Yes, LE will be one in 9 days. Yikes!). One of the best pieces of advice I received was to not get married to any routine, because it will change! How true this has been. And unlike other things (such as sleep), breastfeeding seems to just change for the better.

My baby love.

03 May 2012

and she's walking

How did we go from this...

...to this...

...in less than a year?

shot gun

LE has never been fond of her carseat. If only she could hang out in the passenger seat next to me... So that's what we do in between errands, have a snack and dance to some tunes.

I love my little side kick!

01 May 2012


Yes, you can unravel the whole toilet paper roll!

(so, this was more me being a slacker mom, but she was having fun.)