29 June 2012

sensory fun

In the midst of this insane heat, I thought "Hey, why don't I take LE to the dollar store for some sensory bin indoor fun?" Where I grew up dollar stores are a dime a dozen, but here you don't see them as often. It felt good to walk up and down isles of cheapness and get LE some new junk. We found beads, fake flowers, cotton balls, and dried beans.

It turns out sensory play is a little messy, even for me! Maybe we will save the beans for outside...

27 June 2012

black eyed peanut

LE got in a baby fight today. She took quite the hit.

Ok, so really she just fell down, but that doesn't sound very cool.

A much happier LE at the park.

21 June 2012

sleeping big girl style

LE slept in her big girl bed (aka the guest bed mattress on the floor) last night! Her pack n play was starting to look a little crowded for her and she is loving rolling around in her new space before falling asleep. And while I don't have my hopes up completely, LE fell asleep without nursing. Now that's almost unheard of in our house. This mama is pretty excited about what freedom the big girl bed may bring for everyone!

Now if only she would sleep all night, big girl style...

19 June 2012

le's birthday...3 weeks ago

I'm almost embarrassed to write this post. I should have been more on top of my first child's first birthday blog post... Anyway, it was a huge success! We had a nice cookout at a local park with some close family, friends, and neighbors. No theme. We did hijack some decorations from Marcus' work Spring Fling Party the week prior and we took advantage of Sarah and my Mom's willingness to pitch in and help. The whole day before I stood in the kitchen saying "I'm so overwhelmed, we should have never planned such a big party" while Sarah chopped fruits and veggies. She kept shewing be to the living room to relax - what a great BFF to put up with my patheticness! We made brownies for our guest and no sugar cupcakes for the babies. No cake for LE, she was too busy playing to be bothered with food that day.

I figure the first birthday is about the survival of the parents! We survived. LE was always going to survive, but me, My survival was questionable at a few points. You all should have brought me a present.

For whatever reason no one thought to take pictures, so here is a few I snapped on my phone camera...

LEs birthday button and crown I made for her.

Playing with her hijacked decorations.

A glimpse of the party.

Liking the box...

Hanging at the pool with Uncle Alex.

And getting hip.

Towers with papaw.

LE's favorite birthday present!