25 July 2012

boundaries and positive parenting

LE has learned to be openly defiant. "No" isn't a word we use often in our house. Not because we spoil LE, but because we want to foster her curiosity and believe that most people in most situations respond better to positive reinforcement. This was an easy parenting choice until she started to learn to push buttons (not that saying "no" would make things easier...).

LE has 3 specific buttons she likes to push:

1. Knock on all our neighbor's doors (especially when my hands are full with groceries) and there are a lot of doors when you live at the end of a hallway in a shoebox condo. Luckily, most of our neighbors think LE is cute.
2. Pull the cable plug, violently, of course.
3. Shake our table lamp, which is clearly a safety issue.

The cutest and most annoying part is the smile she flashes right before she commits the act. The mischevious smile that says "What are you going to do, mom?".

And the problem is I don't know what to do.

04 July 2012

happy 4th!

This outfit has one name written all over it. Oma! And it's perfect for the fourth.