31 October 2012

happy halloween

LE was a little less than thrilled to be participating in Halloween activities. She refused to put on her costume. A neighbor friend talked her into wearing her wings, at least. Her mama, on the other hand, got more into the spirit. Being stuck indoors most of the week due to a hurricane gave me some time to think of craft projects. I decided we should enter the door contest our community was having. I'm still waiting to hear that I won first prize...

Because this is pretty awesome, don't you agree?! All supplies we had in our house.

Spiders made out of egg cartons.

Mommy why are we doing this?

Hopefully next year will be more exciting for LE!

26 October 2012

hot commodity

Ok, let's get something out in the open.

I am an undecided voter.

Yes, undecided, female, and swing state residing. That's me. This makes me a rather desired person at the moment. Everyone wants to talk to me on the phone and have me view their tv ads, neither of which are helpful.

I haven't told anyone (except the Engineer), because (a) I don't want to hear opinion/judgment/my candidate is better crap and (b) I feel slightly embarrassed. Embarrassed, like maybe you'd think I was having an identity crisis or something.

Truth be told voting is never easy for me. I'm an independent of some sorts. Soon the polls will call my name and I will be forced to make a decision. A decision I'd rather avoid, but guess I will woman up and face it!

Photos courteously of LE. She was having a great time taking self pics. It's scary how well she can find her way around the iPhone and iPad these days!

16 October 2012


If you were wondering what LE heaven looks like just scroll down to the pics below. It's simple and $11.29 at Target.

The Engineer and I rarely buy LE anything, including Christmas and Birthday presents. We are so blessed with hand me downs and gifted toys/clothes from friends and family that we just save. However, every time LE sees a baby doll stroller she's glued to it and after a few weeks of her pushing around a little plastic chair I decided to splurge.

I had to pry it from her fingers to pay for it.

Still not ready to part with her prized toy, so it rode in the carseat with her.

I think someone's going to be a good big sister...of course she has a few more years to train for the role!

13 October 2012

my pumpkin's pumpkin

Letting LE's inner artist coming out with some festive finger painting!

09 October 2012


The kind of emails The Engineer gets these days:

Subject: Poop

Maya pooped on her potty! She was diaper less and started farting, I asked her if she needed to go potty and she sat on it for a while and went! I'm so proud.

You know, just the important stuff. We are no where close to potty trained, but just easing into it. LE spends a chunk of her day sans diaper, practicing on the potty, and mama cleaning up lots of accidents.

LE is brave little girl like her daddy and sensitive like her mama. She wants to try everything at the playground and keep up with the big kids, but she also bursts into tears if someone looks at her the wrong way. My sensitive little soul...

Does that look like a little engineer mini me or what?

Anyone want a LE shipped to them?

Dinosaur jammies are the best.

Enjoying some kale chips - quite possibly one of our messiest foods yet.

Loving her baby (who is naked, so she can "go potty" too).