11 November 2012

a change would do you good

We've been changing things up around here. One of my mommy friends imparted some wisdom (in reference to sleep and breastfeeding) to me, "You will hit your wall and know when it's time to make a change, but in the meantime do what works." And boy was she right. As much as i have wanted to change things at different points in the past, I just was never ready. There was always something about LEs cry during those times that told me it wasn't time yet. After 17 months of waking up an average of twice a night, I decided it was time for change. The last few months LE has literally nursed at least every two hours around the clock...yes, nighttime included.

The first change was at least 3-4 hour stretches during the day. Second, we stopped nursing to sleep at bedtime. Third, no nursing at night. Ahhh, this step was a little brutal with hours of what we call the "death scream." I still get up with LE when she wakes and comfort her, just sans the boob. And tonight, our biggest victory yet, the Engineer put LE to sleep. Let the heavens open and sing, because this, my friends, hasn't happened since LE was three months old.

I'm feeling like I should knock on wood; I'm feeling a little ridiculous it took me so long to get to this point; and I'm feeling an intense freedom that makes me want to go rent a hotel room and stay in it all by myself!

I recall a time when I was a college student and had just started dating the Engineer a mom I worked with said to me "All I want for Valentine's Day is a hotel room for one night - to myself." At the time I thought what a lonely idea...she most not be happily married. Clearly she wasn't in love the way I was in love... But now I get it and secretly I desire this solo hotel stay, just a tiny bit.

Cute baby pics, to end on a warm fuzzy note...

Discovering her shadow, fun times!

Dressing herself for the park.

Ball pit - pure joy.

And my most favorite pic these days...nursing her baby doll. Such a good little mama!