20 September 2012

at the beach

We spent last week at Rehoboth beach with the in laws. It was a great time and especially fun for LE and her two cousins, Ada and Lily.

It seemed as if all my efforts to hide LE from "kid foods" were lost. For the first time LE had ice cream, cookies, m&ms, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. She loved them all. All battles I was bound to lose at some point. Everything in moderation, I suppose.

We discovered LE loves the ocean and is fearless playing in the waves. The first day she sat on my lap and we let the waves crash on us, but by the last few days she was walking into the waves swatting our hands (a classic "I got this one guys." don't need to hold hands LE move.)

Pics for those who love cute kids:

LE smashing all of Ada's sand castles - what a great sport Ada was about the tragedy!

Lily wasn't so sure about the beach.

Wearing Oma's hat.

We rented bikes for the week. LE really enjoyed it, as long as we didn't go further than a mike or two.

Surfing while daddy naps.

Tea party! Ada served the little girls cold chamomile tea and cookies.

LE dumped her tea on herself, but seemed entertained.

We are looking forward to more trips with the cousins! Now I'm wondering if I can get a 4 year old some where? They sure do come on handy.