20 January 2013

stuff to do

Occasionally I have people ask me what LE and I do all day. I try to plan at least one social/learning and one outdoor activity everyday. It can be as simple as a library story time and a walk to the park, but occasionally we like to mix it up!
Here is a list if some things we do in our area (Alexandria, VA). Please feel free to share your ideas - I'm always up for a new adventure!

Fort Ward - Playground and walking path

At Fort Ward with her buddy, Elaina. Elaina's mommy and I walk a few laps and then the girls get to play - win win!

Four Mile Run - Playground and walking path

Barcroft Playground

Barcroft has the best little round spiny thing and see saw!

Fairlington Playground
Drew Park (splash ground in the Summer!)

Long branch nature center - open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5.

Chinquapin Soft Play Room ($4/kid) and Indoor Pool

Chillin' with Viv at the Soft Playroom. It's nothing amazing, but it does have a ball pit!

Barcroft Rec Center Playgroup ($3/adult)

It's just a big gym with toys, but perfect for chatting with mom friends while the kids play!

Alexandria Beatly Library Story time

Shirlington Library Story time

Air and Space Museum - Planetarium Sesame Street Show and Story time - various days, but both happen on Fridays!

Holding hands with her pal, Corrine after story time.

Boogie Babies - kid concerts at the Eastern Market $5/kid

Van Dorn Mall - indoor play area and train rides (train is $4/kid)

Behind our condo complex is a little duck pond and nature trail we walk. LE always finds a stick to carry around and bang on the ground. This is probably one of her favorites.

We also love to do play dates with our friends and neighbors!

Coloring with chalk with her "big kid" friend, Audrey.

Playing dress up with our neighbors, JJ and Delaney.

Things I hope to try in the next few weeks:

Natural History Museum - free butterfly exhibit on Tuesdays

American Indian Museum - Family days and play area from 10-12 Monday and Wednesday

Lebanese Taverna - kids concerts on Wednesdays at 10am in Arlington

Central library Spanish speaking story time in Arlington

Happy play time to you all!

I'd love to hear your ideas and what you like to do with your toddlers!

15 January 2013

friends and sewing

Joanna and Vivian came over yesterday for an all day SEW FEST! Our first project isn't quite ready to be reveled yet, but I will tell you it involved making play placentas. How's that for an appetite wetter? Our second project was play baby carriers.

By the looks of it, LE was one happy little girl to receive her very own baby carrier! Again, I don't have a tutorial - I just looked at a few homemade ones online and eyeballed it. We made one that tied in the back and one with D rings.

Here's Viv sporting the back carry.

Still to this day the Engineer and I enjoy baby wearing (I suppose it should be "toddler" wearing now). Our favorite now is to wear her on our backs in the Ergo. We take it for trips where we know she wants to walk, but may tire out, or for trips where space is an issue, such as a bus ride or the airport.

06 January 2013

what the engineer is up to...

It's everyone's least favorite time of the year. Diets, gym memberships, and getting all disciplined. We apparently aren't terribly different. While we didn't make any resolutions, we are trying to get healthier.

The Engineer wanted to do redo South Beach Diet starting tomorrow and to prepare for this we've been gorging ourselves all day. He's having a beer right now, "Just because I can't tomorrow."

Wendy's, the Engineer's idea.

Entertaining our daughter's obsession with the bus.

She MUST sit in her own sit and likes to hold your hand while riding the bus. This bus we randomly got on took us to the mall a.k.a. the land of escalators (where she refuses to hold hands). She likes movement and independence.

Cheesin' with LE. You'd think she would want to punch him for doing this to her face, but I think because it makes us laugh, she too laughs.

Returning the favor!

02 January 2013

you suck

Tonight as the three of us sat on LE's bed reading books (ok me reading books to the Engineer while our energetic little girl played "pillow" by herself) LE repeatedly stated "I poop!" The Engineer insisted that she didn't and I was confused because she always says such words with the occurrence of such an item in her diaper.

The Engineer is now the nighttime parent (Yes, I am in heaven. And yes, what in the world is wrong with our child that she still gets up multiple times a night with no hope of milk? I digress.). He shares with me that LE pulls the "I poop" card at night to buy more time or get more attention. He goes on to tell me LE said to him one night "I poop" and he thought "Great, now I'm going to have to change her". He checked her diaper and it was dry as a bone. His reply?

"You suck!"

His words, not mine.

Now picture me rolling in laughter and LE peaking out from her pile of pillows to join in on a good chuckle.

Oh dear sweet, little trickster. What you lack in sleep, you make up for in humor. Must get that from your Dada...the funny part, that is.

01 January 2013

happy new year

LE celebrated Uncle Alex style.

Yes, he gave her a designer wristlet and got them matching shirts. I apparently wouldn't fully appreciate a Coach bag...

Ok, true. But seriously LE is ONE.

LE you best work on you cute puppy dog face, Uncle Alex is where the fancy stuff is at.

Happy New Years! Last year we wished for "boring". This year we wish for change!