25 April 2013


Mad Gab, it's a popular game at our house.

As a matter of fact, LE and I play it all day long!

She says something like "Unk Agus all?" And I keep guessing until I solve the puzzle. "Oh, you want to call Uncle Alex!"

It must be quite frustrating to be a toddler...

Or a mama of a toddler...

17 April 2013

taking a break

LE and I got to go on an awesome mommy/daughter trip to our dear friend Joanna's family beach house in Rehoboth last week. We had three little girls who ran around like crazy people all week while their mamas sipped wine!

(LE is the one with a yellow hat.)

This trip made me want to have another kid, a 2+ year that is, so LE can be entertained. It also made us all want sister wives, minus husband sharing, so probably better labeled as "community living".

Have you heard of "The Farm" in Tennessee? That is the kind of place I dream of. A place flowing with midwives and community gardens. A place where kids and chickens run free. And where all my crazy ideas of homemade deodorant and placenta encapsulation will be the norm.

LE has been extra barefoot lately. When I tell her to put her shoes on she counters me with "Walk on feetsies?" Sure kid, be barefoot. That's how a kid should be...it would just be nice if you were running out into a patch grass vs. a concrete jungle!

10 April 2013

eggs and farms and vegan

Easter! Yeah, it's been a few days, er weeks. We had a nice time at the in laws. Maya and I got to be part of Oma's Good Friday grandkid fun day!

Some pics...

Dying eggs, of which LE bite into two whole eggs. Is someone having some issues being plant-based...? Poor kid.

She loved chasing the farm cats!

Lots of fun cousin love - LE's favorite thing!