29 May 2013

happy 2nd birthday

Dear sweet, adventurous, clingy, loving little LE:

It's been another rollercoaster year with so many ups and downs. For one thing, it's gotten easier for me and daddy. We're catching on to this patenting thing! You seem to also be settling into the world more. Words! All your new words help us all so much with navigating this journey. You sleep better at night (really thought I'd be saying "all night" at this point, but we'll take what we can get), you potty trained yourself, you still love to nurse, you give the biggest and best kisses, you love to hang out with your little friends and I even catch you pretend sharing with them when no one is around. I adore your sweet, sensitive soul. I have to remind myself that your tantrums and resistance to change are just signs of what an amazingly sensitive, intelligent, and loving person you are going to be and I need to slow down, give you time to adjust, and most importantly, cherish you.

I love you, kiddo!

20 May 2013

the post travel blues

I'm sick, LE is sick. In addition to her nightly unconsolable crying from 10pm to 3 am, it's safe to say we are all a mess!

Today we hit a low when a neighbor unexpectedly came over this afternoon. Envision this...braless, unbrushed teeth and hair mama. Naked and screaming LE with clothes and dirty diaper in the middle of the floor. The tv blaring, and half eaten food and used tissues littered around the house. I wish I had a picture for you, but I immediately tidied up!

Not our finest moment. (Luckily, this is a very sweet, non-judging neighbor.). Any recommendations for a rent-a-grandma or family babysitter?

15 May 2013

roll with it

Food in Australia is EXPENSIVE! But the Engineer and I discovered a little secret - "to go" sushi rolls. They are only a couple of bucks, quick to eat, gluten free, and who wouldn't love to chow into a sushi roll like a sandwich?!


Why yes, very much so!

There is also "manly" beach if you can look past my hunk of an engineer.

Ferry ride over to Manly.

LE styling some fancy glasses and swim diapey  :-)

We even manned up and went for a swim in the Autumn waters.  It's our last beach day. Tomorrow we head to the blue mountains and the following day begins our journey home.

14 May 2013

fly baby fly

LE flying at Bondi Beach.

We deem it her first "jump" photo.  You know the one where you make some poor person take 5 bajillion photos of you until you perfectly time your "in the air, arms and feet flailing", shot. You know, you look slightly douchey.

Well the Engineer and I sat on the beach and watched some people do this (and judged a bit) and then as we walked down the beach I wanted to capture a rather sweet moment between LE and her daddy...aka a baby jump photo.  Lame, except all things LE are adorable!

(and yes, big E did have to toss our daughter into the air 5 bajillion times to capture it properly.)

12 May 2013

fun crazy

The Engineer and I go back and forth between two conversations. The first being "LE is so cute . She's being such a great little traveller and really doing quite well considering all the changes." The second one being "We are idiots. Who would think an international trip with a toddler is a good idea?"

Overall, it hasn't been too bad. It's just way different from the last time we travelled abroad...sans LE. Back when we could walk fast and catch trains on time, when we could accomplish more than one activity a day, when we could sleep in and nap when we felt like it, and when no one screamed bloody murder on a rather packed bus ride. Of course, this is all just part of life now, so it isn't really relevant. We are never guaranteed sleep or silence or quickness; if anything, we are guaranteed none of these for the next couple of decades. The Engineer calls this all "fun crazy."

In fact, it's been nice to move a bit slower - LE literally takes the time to stop and smell every flower. And it's been fun watching LE take in the new experiences - her top ranking being riding anything...airplane, bus, train. She does the cutest little "chugga chugga choo choo" every time we ride a train.

We may stick to more good ole USA trips for a few years...aka trips with grandparents in tow. However, we are quite grateful for this adventure and look forward to more of its kind when our kiddos are a little more self sufficient!

10 May 2013


LE's first babyccino. Isn't she so hipster?

Apparently Aussies like to start their kids young on the coffee (ok, it's more like frothed milk with a little chocolate). I'm pretty sure I was way more excited than LE about her first babyccino. She was all like "Mom, stop taking my picture. Seriously, you're making me look a silly American!"

Starbucks, you best catch up!

09 May 2013

g'day mate

The three of us are in Australia for a holiday. We left last Tuesday for Melbourne to see my favorite Ausie, Bethnie (an old pal from summer camp counseling days), get married.

Hanging out in Melbourne

First, there were the 25 hours of traveling time with a toddler, with a fever. Yikes! That should really be a post in itself! But long story short LE was a rather awesome little traveler.

We had the best time seeing Beth again, seeing her in L-O-V-E, and being at her picturesque wedding. Beth lived in the USA for a few years and I knew when she returned to Australia it would only be a matter if time before mister right would come traipsing into her life, sweeping her off her feet, and putting a ring on it. And so the Engineer and I waited for this moment, as it would be the perfect time (and excuse) to travel to the land down under.

 LE was excited to see a princess :-)

The Engineer and I post wedding - oops we forgot to take a family photo and LE already passed out...

After a few days in Melbourne, we came to Sydney, our current location. We are doing a house swap here and let me tell you we have hit the jackpot! We are in a swanky little neighborhood right outside Sydney, a single family beautiful home, and they have a grandkid, so all kid stuff included! Hopefully they are enjoying the shoebox condo. Our fellow swappers have a son in DC and were quite excited for the opportunity to visit him.

We email back and forth every now then with questions about our home's quirks or parking or just to check in. We have each met a neighbor, so we have a close point of contact. Oh, and we even swapped cars. Talk about money saving. This for sure changes travel for us!

Loving Sydney thus far!