19 June 2013

packing and painting

I've been a little distracted lately from writing, because we are gearing up to move to OHIO! We've been planning to move closer to my family for a few years and LE has certainly stoked the fire on that agenda.

More to come on all our life changes. One being me working a little and the Engineer taking a brief stint as "stay at home dad." Change will do you good! I even got a super short hair cut (thanks, brother, for "motivating" me to change it up...).

16 June 2013

a father's day...

photo montage...

Relaxing with some freeze dried mango.

Intrigued by daddy's hat.

Napping together...I usually end up curled up at the foot of the bed.

Chasing! LE's favorite activity these days.

Investigating this "nap" daddy thinks he can sneak in at the pool.

The Engineer is simply the best! He has two very sensitive, *slightly* needy women on his hands and he takes it in complete stride like this was what he was always meant to do. I pray big E gets a boy at some point to balance out the female energy in this house. I found him with stick on earrings, courtesy LE, the other day.

I love you, Engineer! LE is lucky to have such wonderful, loving father and I'm grateful to have you as my partner through this crazy adventure called "parenthood"!

In the words of LE, "Big kisses!"