27 July 2013

sweetie pie pumpkin sugar booger

Staying with the grandparents has certainly given LE a boost in self esteem.

She pranced around this evening dressed like this, repeatedly saying "I so cute!"

Yes, you are so cute. Unfortunately, I now dread having to undo the damage of this attention when we move away. Can you imagine what kind of damage living with two *mostly* unemployed parents and two grandparents would do to an only child, two year old?!

Oh, I think I got a taste of it.

I had LE by myself this evening (which I must confess its been a huge luxury to basically rarely be alone with her...that sounds terrible, but you know what I mean) and she full on threw herself onto the Walmart floor multiple times kicking and screaming. I, being the *amazing* parent that I am, didn't cave (too much that is), which meant I left her laying there, giving bystanders plenty of time to walk by and take in the situation of the bratty child and her horrible mother. Nothing like being the biggest mess at Walmart... The evening was complete with a string of battles ending with an 11pm bedtime.

The future doesn't look cute.

animal rescue

LE and I got to hang out with our favorite farm girl. Oh how LE adores her Auntie Sarah! Who wouldn't if you got to have a day like this:

-Skip the carseat and drive a "truck"

-See farm animals and ride a miniature horse

-Sit on a really BIG tractor

-And complete the day with a trip to the animal clinic to rescue a poor little itty bitty bird that fell out of a tree and broke its little itty bitty bird leg.

I show up to Sarah's family house for a fun farm day and she informs me "I think we need to take this bird to the clinic."

Well ok, I suppose we can do that.

All the while, her parents are in the background saying "That's crazy, just let it die." and "Sarah, I'll take it out back and give it a 'proper' burial for you".

Followed by a car ride with a bird chirping and restyling around in an open shoe box and me repeatedly saying "Sarah, if that bird flies out and attacks me you are going to owe me for life!" and "I bet anything he's been faking this not being able to fly thing and is going to go crazy on us, all trapped in this car!"

LE, you are lucky to learn compassion from the best. I don't know too many people who would drive over an hour to rescue some random little creature, but Auntie Sarah certainly would.

I can't say I would have done anything more compassionate than saying "Poor bird!"

It must be tough being the kid of two non-animal people. I'm trying super hard to not let you know this fact...until you can read this post, that is! In which case, I'm sorry...

I do love babies! Doesn't that make up for my animal inadequacy?!

22 July 2013

hello from ohio

What we've been doing our first week in Ohio...

Giving daddy and LE matching pigtails.

Going to storytime at the park (and realizing LE is commando AND in a dress....great way to make a good first impression)

Hiking and exploring all the nearby caves.

Geocaching around our small town with brother.

YouTube Video

And learning to dance with papaw!

It is a quite the change from big city living to a little baby town. And while my childhood town possesses much outdoor treasures, it doesn't have all the the conveniences we have grown accustomed to, such as a coffee shop. But this is just one leg of our journey.

Step one: get to Ohio, enjoy free babysitting, and sleep much!

Step two: the Engineer figures out a spectacular job and stake out living quarters in a medium city, Columbus.

P.S. There's no line at the DMV here. Can you imagine?

15 July 2013

and we're off

Here's to eight years, DC! Some really crappy times (hello, grad school and postpartum depression) and some really beautiful times, like...

-When the Engineer proposed to me in front of the Lincoln memorial and everyone around us cheered as he got up from his knee to put the ring on my finger and kiss me! I must have had a big cheesy smile for a 3 weeks after that.

-All the long walks the Engineer and I took around Iwo Jima, Roosevelt Island, and over the Key Bridge to Georgetown. We loved our time in Rosslyn (hence LE's middle name) in our even tinier little apartment (try 500 square feet on for size!).

-Canoeing and kayaking around Roosevelt Island.

-LE's birthday and the beautiful midwives who helped us through the whole process.

-Trips to Annapolis and all it's quaintness that we could never get enough of.

-Strolling through Old Town and always choosing "Pops" for ice cream. (You can't go to Old Town and not get ice cream...)

The Engineer and I look back on our time here and think of it fondly. It's nice to leave on a good note with plenty of great memories!

11 July 2013

come on

LE the "dog walker." She charges in lollipops. Quite the bargain. Although, I must warn you she's a bit on the bossy side. We've been walking this little dog, Baby, for a couple of weeks for a neighbor and LE is constantly saying "Come on Baby (tug on lease). Baby, on the sidewalk. Baby, come on!"

Oh dear...is this what I sound like all day. Must work on rushing my kid less and saying more nice things!

08 July 2013

splish splash

LE went from pool diva to flounder the fish with the purchase of a $25 "personal flotation device." We were literally having to drag the kid into the water while she whined "All done pool. Towel!" Or if we were lucky she might lounge in her baby floaty chair, sporting sunglasses and floppy hat.

Then we discovered the secret. I like to think we are minimalists and frugal spenders, but occasionally you just gotta jump on board with the cool kids.

YouTube Video

Happy swimming! We sure are going to miss our shoebox condo pool...

06 July 2013

saying good bye

We're entering into "pack it up and move it out week." I feel a little weird about it. Like I should be more sad to leave and more excited to arrive, but instead I just feel like it's happening and is slightly anti-climatic...like Christmas morning becomes after the magic has worn off. Maybe it's because there is so much to do and maybe it's just part of getting older.

I look around our place at night and think about all that we have started here. The spot where LE was born is what I will miss most. I can see it all so clearly in my mind, as I look at our little yellow and orange bedroom. We walked around all our potential properties with our realtor knowing the one we picked would be where we'd start our family and now we are leaving as a family, and I am so grateful for this.

I am grateful for all the friendships, the start to our careers, the learning and growing, and all the ups and downs we have experienced here. We leave slightly tainted (as any city will do to you), but mostly better and stronger from our experiences here. I'm looking forward to many visits, bringing our kids back to our old stomping grounds, and reconnecting with all the great friends we have made! Get your guest rooms ready :-)

04 July 2013

happy 4th!

We celebrated our 4th yesterday with some lovely friends! LE "no like fireworks!" She repeatedly informed me of this the whole car ride home and first thing this morning, as well.

Some pics from our all day play date with Maya's favorite playmate:

Playing with Viv!

Fighting with Viv...

Ergo nursing for a nap with Viv.

MY OH MY, how LE and I are going to miss these two!

02 July 2013

here we go go go on an adventure!

(Yes, my blog title is the opening song from the Cat in the Hat tv show. My world is small, sooo small.)

I love this reoccurring conversation I keep having with inquisitive friends, family, and neighbors:

Them: So, the Engineer got a new job?
Me: Well not exactly, but this is just the right time for us to move, it will be easier to find a job once we are there, etc etc.
Them: Did you find a house?
Me: This is where it gets even more interesting...WE ARE MOVING IN WITH MY PARENTS.


It's all just a round about way of saying "We are following our dream, going on an adventure, and seeing what happens." LE is pumped. I must hear five times a day "Live mammy papaw. Soon!"

I have faith there will be an awesome ending to this adventure. Since setting a date to leave, God has given us very part time employment for me (cause you know I'm not ready to completely leave my awesome gig as Play At Home Mama) with bennies and a perfect tenant for our shoebox condo!

Here we go go go!!!