30 August 2013


We spent a weekend camping with the in laws and had a surprisingly great time "roughing" it! The most interesting part of the weekend was LE's love for snakes.

To say I get squeamish around snakes is a bit of understatement. These are the kind of creatures that haunt me in my sleep, but not LE. LE sees a friend in the snakes. So, I did my best to look unfreaked and cheer on my big girl, from a safe distance.

She definitely didn't get any of her mama in the animal department. The girl has been going around trying to hug birds and pick up random dogs and cats since she was a wee little thing. She has such a loving spirit.

Speaking of loving spirit...LE's poor little cousin Lily. LE must have asked Lily for a hug, kiss, or to pick her up about 20 times a minute all day every day. Lily was the least bit interested in all this love, making LE more desperate for a hug from her. (Although, she did give in and let LE hug and kiss her before saying our goodbyes!).

Here are a few pics from our fun filled weekend...way back in July:

Thanks for the visit, dearest PA family!! We can't wait for our next one!

06 August 2013

taking it to the street

I often joke that I could take LE to work with me and let her show my patients how it's done. She would teach the mamas how to hand express and the babies how to get into position and open their mouths nice and big.

She's a natural.

I'm convinced this is what our culture is missing - the modeling of breastfeeding. With families being smaller and further apart, we don't see our mothers, aunts, and sisters breastfeeding. Many women's first experience with breastfeeding is their own. This is why I am so vocal and public with my own breastfeeding experience. I hope to help a mama out! I hope to make it easier for the mom that comes after me, for my friends, for my family, and most importantly, for my DAUGHTER!

Join me fellow mamas! Lets pave a path for a new culture where breastfeeding is viewed as beautiful and just plain old, boring normal!

04 August 2013

wbw buddies

LE's best pal, Viv, is also a nursing toddler and I couldn't resist capturing this sweet moment of the two of them together:

Viv came up to investigate what her pal was up to, repeatedly asking "What Maya doing?" and answering for herself "Maya eating Julie milk." She was very matter of fact, like she was pleased for her friend. LE to this day still occasional asks me for "Julie milk."

In celebration of WBW, LE and I had the privilege of recreating last years breastfeeding photos with our dear friends:

WBW 2012

WBW 2013

I'm exploding with love as I look at these photos! Let's hope we get some babies on the roster soon, so we can continue the picture tradition next year, Joanna!!

This years photos by Kelly Walsh Loss Photography - and I couldn't be more pleased with her work!

01 August 2013

my favorite time of year

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!! I've been getting pumped for August to arrive so I can have a legit excuse to bombard you with ALL things breastfeeding.
It been over two years of nursing for the Little Engineer and myself. When we were in the newborn stage with sore nipples and endless feeding sessions, 2 years seemed liked an eternity! Now I find myself making up reasons to continue our breastfeeding relationship. I was hoping to be winding down by 2 years, but it was such a nice bonus to nurse LE through all the changes that have happened this Summer...

Like dragging her across the world, then moving her to a new home, and now having a mommy gone at work. Weaning is in our near future. I feel it coming, but for now I cherish and celebrate making it into toddlerhood. I'm grateful to have been able to nurse my baby through the first 2 years of her life.

I hope today that you feel PROUD of how long you nursed your little one, whether it was a couple of days, weeks, months or years. Lets celebrate our success together!