25 September 2013

sweetheart mommy

LE is having a verbal boom! All of a sudden she's saying and asking the most adorable things. I even got asked "But why, mommy?" I know...that one won't be as adorable after the bajillionith time.

The other day I was pulling LE around in a laundry basket...just for kicks...and the handle popped off and hit me right in the eye. I proceeded with the appropriate yelling of "OUCH" followed by wallowing on the ground. You know, I like to keep it real in front of my kid. It's good for her or I'm weak, one or the other. Anyway, LE's response had me feeling better in no time!

"What happened, sweetheart, mommy?"

I'll give you a moment to melt.

She repeated this question about ten times and followed up with plenty of kisses. It's times like this that I feel like an awesome parent. Of course, I felt like a pretty terrible parent when she repeatedly tried to kick her friend at the park, but we'll just those moments slide...chalk them up to a lack of sleep or something.

14 September 2013

on outdoor toddler skills

LE has a strangely impressive ability to pee outside, for a little girl. I'm not sure how you keep your kid from taking a pee behind a bush or tree when there isn't a bathroom nearby.

For me, it started early on when LE first potty trained and all the parks we went to had no bathrooms. Oddly enough, I had to convince my 2 year old that it was ok to pee outside...she wasn't so sure it was good idea. Now she asks me all the time "Mommy, pee on grass?" She has even figured out her own technique to keep any pee from splashing in her legs or feet. She stands with her legs far apart, bends her knees a little, and tilts her bottom forward. Pretty genius, for a two year old.

My family is concerned she will be peeing on the playground when she goes to school. I'm sure she'll have a better understanding of social appropriateness by then (fingers crossed).

I've always prided myself in my ability to pee outside on camping trips (I use the "hug a tree" method). So, I'm a wee bit proud (pun intended) of my girl's skills. You can imagine the Engineer is quite pleased with his two leading ladies' hidden talent. He certainly wouldn't rank being less needy over the ability to relieve ones self outdoors :-)

On a hike in her fanciest dress.

Her outdoor peeing skills came in handy twice on this hike. She conveniently wasn't wearing any undies (not sure how that one keeps happening...) and just held up her dress and went like it was no big deal. Oh how we love our very girlie, adventurous Little Engineer!

01 September 2013

august 14, 2013

(I write this post not to flaunt or judge or be judged, but to share my journey with you. I hope it is encouraging to know that my breastfeeding experience has not always been perfect in my eyes, as yours probably hasn't always been for you either. We are all doing the best we can and all our stories are beautiful in their own way.)

2 years, 2 months, and some change.

This is how long my sweet LE and I breastfed. It is bittersweet as we end this chapter. I'm excited to have my body back, to not have sore nipples from her marathon nursing sessions, but sad to let go of yet another thing that identified her as my baby, our one stable, constant good thing.

I wish I could say I did 100% baby led weaning and LE just became less and less interested in nursing until one day I couldn't even remember when we last nursed, but this is not our story. It was mama led weaning, following baby's cues. I weaned her gently, over a long period of time.

LE naturally wanted to nurse every 30 minutes to 2 hours. She rarely slept long stretches and was hard for anyone other than me to keep for more than a hour or two. (Not that I think this was abnormal, rather just part of our journey). Around 17 months I began a slow, 6 month process of "night weaning" and having the Engineer take over night time wake ups. Next, I began to only nurse every two hours during the day, then after a few months it was 5 times a day, and then 3 times, and most recently 1-2 times. Each time giving LE a few months between each change, because she was reluctant and would ask for weeks to nurse at her old times. Over time I had less and less milk, by the end there were drops, if anything, but LE didn't mind. I'm convinced she would have continued forever :-)

Finally, once LE seemed well adjusted to our move to Ohio and me going back to work a few days a week, I decided it was time.

We celebrated with a "big girl" day and ran around a splash park like crazy people yelling "It's BIG GIRL day!!!! Woohoo!", ate candy and the icing off a cupcake, and played at the park with Uncle Alex. It was for me more than LE, because she certainly didn't care about "big girl" day when she woke up the next morning and there was no milk...but with lots of explanation and lovin' she seems to be getting there.

I love that LE never attached to a blanket or stuff animal, but that I was always her "lovie". I can still fill this role with lots of hugs, holding hands, and cuddles, but it will never quite be the same.

A chapter has ended. Two years is a great gift, to both of us. I can't imagine a more perfect way to have begun our journey together!