10 November 2013

proud mama post

LE showing off all her big kid skills:

I got this, mama!

YouTube Video

Such a smartie pants, cutie pie!

And even has a little athleticism :-)

03 November 2013

hot chocolate

Our little shoebox house is starting to feel like home. We had a good weekend with both our families together and now have pictures and curtains on the walls and a dinning room table. I'm noticing all the weird noises and quirks of our home less and less. Our project list, and hopefully runs to Lowes, is becoming much shorter. Which all means boring down time on our red couch will become more abundant...the thing the Engineer and I love most.

In between work, we let our families have some fun :-)

Touring Columbus courtesy Brother and his boyfriend, Jeff.

Enjoying some live music at Gallery Hop.

My little family just spent a moment enjoying some homemade non-dairy hot chocolate on our red couch. It felt right.

Happy to be home!