26 December 2013

tis the season

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude this Christmas season. I have been inspired and refreshed as I watch all our family and friends love on LE (and not just with gifts). We have all heard the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child," and I believe this to be true. I am excited to bring another life into our village. And humbled as I realize not all children experience this kind of love.

LE, you are one lucky little girl! (I can hear her correcting me now "Mommy, I'm a big kid!" For anyone who knows LE, she prefers to be called a "big kid"...such a little feminist!)

Some pics from our Christmas season:

Getting in the Christmas spirit...or being a toddler who wants EVERYTHING!

Hanging out with "Elfin' John" under Mammy and Papaw's tree.

Making presents for the Ellinger's.

Loving her presents from the Ellinger's.

Time for Enderle Christmas! And an awkwardly short dress with no leggings or tights...oops.

Family brunch.

Getting comfy while we travel to PA for Oberholzer Christmas.

Cousins galore! (LE is the princess in the front ;-)

Christmas morn with Oma and Opa and our newest addition, Minnie.

Finding the empty paper towel holder more entertaining than her new train whistle. Go figure?!

Christmas night with our three favorite little girls...I mean big kids!

LE, we tried to teach you about Jesus' birthday this Christmas. It's a tough concept for a two year old. I hope you felt the abundant love from this Christmas season and remember that as all the excitement from your gifts fades away. To everyone in our village loving on my kid, thank you! It means the world to me and the Engineer to surround our babies with so many beautiful souls.

Much love and peace to all of you as we enter the new year!!

16 December 2013

my little love

Watching an afternoon cartoon and LE reached down and grabbed my hand. And then I melted with love doveyness.

She can be so sweet sometimes. I'm sure in twenty years these will be the moments I remember. That insane tantrum you threw at 5 am, LE, will certainly fade away with your adorableness.

15 December 2013

round two

10 weeks

It's that time in life again when I get to show off pictures of my uterus!

(And the beautiful life it holds :-)

12 December 2013

mr. mba

Today marks the end of a journey. A journey that we are excited to be past!

You probably don't remember this post almost 4 years ago...

I feel a little bad. The Engineer asked me as he was out the door "Don't you want to take my picture?" I was like "sure?!" And then he reminded me I took one on his first day of class. What do you know, I sure did and even have blog proof. I feel even worse that instead of being excited and arming him with some fabulous treat, I just nagged him to make himself a sandwich before he left. Blah. I've went from peppy, loving housewife to tired, grumpy mama. Maybe someday I'll get a pep back in my step again. I was planning to celebrate the Engineer, seriously, I had a thought in mind... I haven't forgotten you my love, just running on little sleep and energy for the last two years, as you well know.

Hopefully now that grad school is done we can have a little more peace in our home.

You did it! I'm so proud of you for juggling so many roles over the last four years. It seemed as though it would drag on forever, but here we are at the end of the tunnel!

I think we are sufficiently educated now. Lets make a pack no more school, for the adults in our house at least! Love you, Engineer, MBA :-)

09 December 2013

the art of manipulation

Apparently two is the magical age when a certain adorable little girl starts to work her parents.

"Daddy, can I have candy? Mommy says 'yes'."

Me in the background..."No, I didn't!"

So, she hasn't quite learned to manipulate when the other parent is out of earshot :-)

That's the problem with a shoebox house, LE, there's no privacy. Speaking of shoebox house. I'm not sure LE could handle a larger home. If the engineer or I are out of her sight for a second, she immediately is searching for us and scolding us with a distressed "Mommy/Daddy, I no know where you are!"

I guess we are just tiny house people. It feels right, perfectly cozy...until the toys take over. But, I assume that would happen in any size home. We humans tend to expand to fill the size of our environment. So, this is our attempt to simplify.

It just means lots of getting out of the house time for these two crazy loves of mine!

04 December 2013

the cute and quirky

All the things that I've been meaning to write posts about, but can't seem to get out of my rut...

(1) My inlaws came to visit a few weeks ago and their youngest, Lily, was sick. One night while Lily was up crying with a fever, LE shot out of bed and said "I think my pink baby (doll) is crying! I need to go pick her up." What sweetie pie, and now I'm not sure if she's going to make a great big sister some day or if she'll just be up all night with a new baby :-)

Sure wish these crazy cousins lived closer!

(2) The Engineer has, reluctantly, been going to yoga with me some. The other day I looked over at his mat and saw this...

I couldn't stop laughing while doing a down dog...guess he forgot about the pedi his two year old gave him a few days prior!

(3) Oh and I started a little lactation business! Go check out the beautiful website the Engineer made me! It's the exact same awesome services Holistic Mothering Group provides in DC...I'm just expanding to my new home.