28 February 2013

how i ended up in Ohio so unexpectedly, yet gratefully

Praise, God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
-Louis Bourgeois and Thomas Ken

Tonight...err this morning...my heart sings this hymn in gratitude of my dad surviving a severe heart attack (that has less than a 5% survival rate). The journey is not done, but the way his story unfolds clearly points to divine intervention. You're on life number two, Dad, better make it a helluva one!

18 February 2013

don't talk to me until i have my coffee...

After having her fill of breastmilk first thing in the morning, LE says "Dada wake?!" "Coffee?!" Kisses the Engineer and then continues her demands for him to wake up and get her coffee.

Wait, I feel like I should be the one demanding for the Engineer to wake up and get me coffee!

Anyway, she might throw some other tempting offers at the Engineer like "Dada wake, golf?!" Or "Chase me?!" Poor kid has to pull out all the stops to get us out of bed.

So the coffee thing might sound cute, but she's referring to herself getting some coffee...aka chamomile tea or hot chocolate. She associates the to go coffee cups everyone and their brother are carrying around, with something delicious and thinks if she screams "Coffee" at these people they might just give her some.

Just picture this 1 1/2 year old walking down the street or through a Starbucks screaming for coffee. Definitely gets us some interesting looks...and comments.

I'm loving LE's word explosion. It's funny to see what she's picking up on...kids say the darnedest things.

15 February 2013

gluten free valentines

I attempted to be semi romantic and make the Engineer a Valentine's dinner.

For dessert I made a chocolate cake...gluten free, of course, so I could enjoy it, too. The Engineer only ate a tiny slice, while I went back for thirds. Hmmm...that seems a little strange, but maybe he was just really full from dinner. The next day I gave LE a bite and she spit it out?! LE refuse chocolate, simply unheard of!

Then it hit me. My cake must taste TERRIBLE.

When I first started eating gluten free I thought most of the alternatives tasted cardboard like, but over time my taste buds must have warped and tricked me into thinking of cardboard as a delicacy.

I wish I could be unselfish and make non-cardboard food,
but I'm afraid if I'm baking it will have to be treats that can also enter my belly. Sorry my dearest LE and Engineer! You're stuck with me. My advice: Start training those taste buds!

11 February 2013

you are my sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray!

LE you are getting so kid like! You make the sweetest little sounds like when you say "hmmm?" after all your questions. You run everywhere, just like your daddy did when he was a little tike. You are very Euro and kiss both checks when you greet us or say goodnight. 2 is your favorite number and you always barter for "two" at your nursing sessions. They say toddlers are too busy to nurse for more than a few minutes, but you still take time for marathon sessions. Occasionally, you throw an impressive tantrum, but mostly you follow my requests. I'm finding you are more and more able to understand our explanations and logic. While I know you need rules and boundaries, I hope you feel respected. I think we achieve this most of the time, although, I did have to sit on you to successfully change your poopy diaper this afternoon...can't win them all!

Your Dada and I seriously cannot get enough of your wonderful little self. Love you so much, Little Engineer!

04 February 2013

lovely people

Today while sitting in the cold at a bus stop, a homeless man offered his coat to help keep LE warm. Just a little reminder that there is indeed good in this world.

02 February 2013

blah barf, breastmilk to the rescue

I woke up to a LE matted with vomit all over her the other morning, followed by several winey days and explosive diarrhea on a level of terribleness the Engineer and I never knew existed. The really nice thing in the midst of a storm of sickness for me is breastfeeding. I feel really good knowing I'm giving LE little shots of wonderful, immune boosting, gut soothing, hydrating, best medicine on earth milk - not to mention the best source of comfort! (Puts a new meaning on "comfort food" :-)

I read a lactation article the other day and this blurb stuck with me:

Women may say they "breastfed" for three months, but they usually say they "nursed" for three years. Easy, long-term breastfeeding involves forgetting about the "breast" and the "feeding" (and the duration, and the interval, and the transmission of the right nutrients in the right amounts, and the difference between nutritive and non-nutritive suckling needs, all of which form the focus of artificial milk pamphlets) and focusing instead on the relationship. Let's all tell mothers that we hope they won't "breastfeed"--that the real joys and satisfactions of the experience begin when they stop "breastfeeding" and start mothering at the breast.

Wiessinger, 1996, Journal of Human lactation

Mothering my toddler at the breast is definitely an experience I am grateful for!

A brief walk outside to see the snow and get some fresh air.