20 March 2013


I feel like I am too young to have a parent having heart attacks. Dad, no more! Ok?

Mammy and LE enjoying a sunny day in Ohio.

I'm so proud of my dad and mom for learning from this experience and changing. My brother, Alex, and I went through my parents cupboards, fridge, and freezers and threw away or donated several trash bags full of processed, salty, or sugary food. We then took my mom grocery shopping. Easier said then done. Change is tough!

I thought I was super healthy, but little did I know I was going to be a victim to change, too. There's always room for evolving. Alex became vegetarian (and more so vegan) a couple of years ago. Since he has lowered his blood pressure (which was awkwardly high for his age) and improved his health overall. I bought my dad two books to help him figure out his new diet, but the one I like the best is The China Study. It is a long term study on nutrition and disease and promotes a plant based diet. Highly recommend it! The Engineer and I have decided plant based is the best decision for our family, given out family history of heart disease and cancer and just our general desire to provide our family with the best health possible.

Here's a picture of our breakfast this morning...

And a dinner by brother...

Vegan and gluten free. Both were tasty and filling!

Here's to a happy and healthier future, dear family!

19 March 2013



Says LE. Don't worry, I wouldn't feed it to any of you.

I have some left over frozen breastmilk that is really pushing its expiration. I was saving it for an emergency, but now that LE is approaching 2, I think we're safe. And now that we are going "plant-based" (more on this later), I figured I would try to make LE some last milk based ice cream. When I googled breastmilk ice cream I didn't see too many impressive recipes, so I just blended it with banana, blueberries, and spinach for a baby milkshake!

What creative things have you done with your extra breastmilk?

15 March 2013

something about LE

I'm just going to come right out and say it.

Little Engineer is most likely (ok, most definitely) left handed.

This may seem like a trivial detail to you all, but I'm not sure what to do with her. I mean she already has right handed golf clubs! I have no clue how to raise a leftie, I only know about being a rightie. I just assumed when two righties reproduced, naturally a right handed baby would enter the world. Assumption wrong, my friends. LE seemed ambidextrous for the longest time...maybe slightly favoring her left hand, so I didn't think much of it. But all of a sudden her left hand has taken dominance and her fate is becoming clear. I now need to broaden my horizons and embrace my odd little, wonderful child.