30 October 2013

meet the shoebox house

We haven't upgraded in size (at all), but we do currently only have one stable part-time income. Turns out bankers aren't crazy about that sort of situation. So, shoebox it was! On the plus side our shoebox house comes with a yard, basement, and one more bedroom, which makes our hearts very happy. It's been about two weeks since we closed on our new house and began the moving process.

And we love it! I love how small and cozy our new house is. How little there is to clean. How friendly our neighbors are. I love living closer to work and downtown Columbus. It's just right for our little family.

LE also loves her new "brown" house (she's slowly forgiving us for not adhering to her request for a "pink" house). I think she loves having her family around all the time the even more!

Our move feels so right. We had planned for this for so long that we were afraid we would have romanticized what it may all be like. While it isn't perfect, it certainly is a happy home!

14 October 2013

so high, daddy

She's brave. More brave than I care for on the swings. I usually cringe as the Engineer pushes her tiny little body flying into the sky. Today she fell, as I pushed her "medium" high. Go figure. See Engineer, my mom instinct is right...it's just too high for my baby :-)

Love my adventurous Engineers!

07 October 2013

i'm the map, i'm the map...

I passed my germs onto LE. I always feel extra sad for LE when she's sick and for me because she's going to be extra needy (minus the extra cuddles...I could get used to that)! The first night she was sick she asked the Engineer "What happened to my nose, daddy?" Explaining a stuffy nose to a two year old is more challenging than I realized.

While squeezing in some 'sick cuddle time' tv we saw a commercial of kids going on a Dora inspired map adventure. I asked LE "You have a Dora backpack, where would you want your map to take you?" She actually gave it some thought and responded with a simple "Balloons." I love her little mind, how it explodes with amazement at the littlest things.

So, while the Engineer put our sick girl to bed tonight (which is quite an affair), I made LE her very own map adventure to go on tomorrow.

McDonalds happens to be on the way to balloon store (aka the dollar store), so I figured we might as well add a coffee adventure in for mommy and daddy.

Hope this takes your mind off your malfunctioning nose, my Little Engineer!

06 October 2013

the wooden anniversary

October 4th marked 5 years and I felt too sick to do anything remotely fun.

That's life at the moment. We live with my parents, we're down a car, and we can't get it together to celebrate a milestone.

On the bright side, fingers crossed we will have a new house later this month, we have an insurance check in hand for a new car, and hopefully we will have a belated anniversary celebration.

After five years, we know things will happen when it's the right timing. We aren't in such a rush and we are grateful to have our little family together and happy, more days than not.

Happy Anniversary, my dearest Engineer! You are like a good wine that gets better and better with age. And it doesn't hurt that I'm just plain in love with wine :-)

P.S. Guess our gift may be a wooden shoebox house?! Fingers crossed!