27 February 2014

tis the season to breastfeed!

So, I know it's only been 6 months, but I'm getting the itch to breastfeed a little one of these again!

It's in my blood, I guess. Or at least maternal hormones are floating around in my blood stream... And having my breasts change from little, flat pancakes to perky round things certainly doesn't hurt things.

I can't wait to make baby brother (that's our exciting name for the little guy, as of now) a chub-a-lub like his sister was.

Does anyone even believe LE was this rolly polly at one point in time?!? I can hardly remember it. It seems like she's been my beautiful, scraggly haired, scrawny girl forever.

Totally embracing her big sister role. I can just see myself napping, while she baby wears and cleans, right?

20 February 2014

it's a...

We had our much anticipated ultrasound today and I can report to you that one little girl was a wee bit disappointed, one daddy was pretty shocked, and one mommy knew it had a penis all along!

I had a way easier first trimester this go around, so obviously it must be a boy. But no one in my house believed me. LE is still a little in denial, but she can't argue with anatomy. And the Engineer is excited to balance out the ever exploding princess energy in our house.

Don't worry baby boy (haven't decided on a blog name yet...little LC hardly seems fair), we will make room for all things boy in our lives :-)

15 February 2014

if you don't have anything nice to say...

As LE ate her bedtime snack tonight the Engineer was venting about having LE for 10 hours today alone. I jumped in with "Try having her for 12 hours when she was a much more difficult..." I didn't get to finish.

LE turned to me with a puckered up face, tears and all, "Mommy you're making me so sad!!!"

And then my heart broke and I instantly earned my world's worst parent badge...

And to add salt to the wound she said "I don't want my snack. I just want to go to bed, mommy." (LE has never EVER asked to go to bed.)

I guess we've crossed that line of not being able to trash talk LE in her presence.

13 February 2014

branding my toddler

Some days I wonder, "Why isn't Hello Kitty paying us money?"

09 February 2014

18 weeks...

...and feeling joyful.

My biggest belly adorer.


Silly engineers.

From a toddler's perspective.

07 February 2014

05 February 2014

dreams can come true

And quite easily if you're two.

LE dressed in her princess pj's today and said to me "Mommy, we just live in a house. I need a castle if I'm going to be a princess!"

Good luck kid...

She agreed we could pretend our house was a castle and be pretend princesses.

The other day while taking a bath LE asked me if she could have long, beautiful hair like Adele (her current favorite artist...)

Ta da beautifully curled hair like Adele.

And finally, baking just like Strawberry Shortcake (gluten free, vegan style :-)

The simplicity of toddlerhood...quite refreshing, don't you think?!

01 February 2014

gearing up for big sisterhood

LE, you're adorable. Most days you're convinced that you also have a baby in your belly. After we left the midwife office the first time, you were very concerned and informed me "Mommy, you forgot the baby!" We had to go home and read some kids pregnancy/birth books to help you understand the very long process ahead of us. You were excited to hear mommy's baby's "heart beep" for the first time. And I think your starting to warm up to the midwives, which will be a huge feat considering how little you like the doctor.

Saying "hello" to your baby brother or sister. (17 weeks)

And singing a song :-)