29 May 2014

happy 3rd birthday, my little love

Just look at that sweet little face.  Don't you just want to grab it between your two hands and kiss her all day?  That's what we do until LE screams, "No kisses! Just hugs..."  And those eyes?!  You can see right into her sensitive, loving, creative little soul.   It's hard to believe my little girl is 3 years old today.  Here she is around her 1st birthday.

Oh how I miss those chubby cheeks.  Talk about kissable!

LE requested a Strawberry Shortcake Birthday party, which just so happened to be the theme of my 1st birthday party.  Anything that wasn't Disney Princess was a big fat "YES!" in my book.  Here's a few pics from our weekend of fun:

 Playing with her cousins!

 Cornrows and beads by Auntie Sarah.

 Food! (Yes, that's tofu.  And it was delicious)

 Sneaking away for a pic with Mom, Dad, and Vanilla (33 weeks).

 Cooling off with sprinkler and pool fun!

 And, of course, her very own Strawberry Shortcake!

Her favorite presents: Vintage my little ponies/barbies and the Frozen movie.  She is indeed all girl...

It was such special day with our friends and family!  Thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun and celebrated LE with us!

I can't end a birthday post with reminiscing about LE's actual birthday.  Here's the post for those of you who enjoy birth stories.  I gave LE the kid friendly version of her birth and the highlight for her was my water breaking.  She likes to tell everyone about it... "Uncle Micah, Aunt Amy, Mommy's belly just went POP" with big hand motions to reenact a tiny explosion :-)  That's pretty much how it happened, kid, and I love everything about your birth day.

1st birthday and this one
2nd birthday

22 May 2014

sea shells for vanilla

Propping my feet up after work and getting my belly decorated.

32 weeks.

LE has decided she wants to watch Baby Vanilla be born. I was kinda hoping she would want to be a part of our home birth process, but certainly do not want to force the situation. She does enjoy going to my midwife appointments and playing with all their fun gear, helping assess me and baby. At first LE said she wanted to go to Mammy and Papaw's when brother was born, then she progressed to "Will Auntie Sarah hold me? I may be scared." to "I think I want to catch the baby!" I'm not sure where she got the idea that 3 year old sisters catch babies, but I guess you never know...stay tuned.

12 May 2014

2 toddlers, 2 preggos, and an auntie

We took a much anticipated beach trip with our good friends Joanna and Vivian (from Virginia) and Auntie Sarah. LE had nightmares and anxiety about flying from the moment I booked our plane tix, 2 months ago! She lived up to her expectation and death screamed/death clung to me or Sarah for a good 15 minutes. Then she decided that "I love airplanes!" and announced it to everyone. We now have a mild fear of take off...everything else is cool. Our cold, rainy Ohio weather followed us to Rehoboth beach, but we still made the best of it!

The girls so happy to be reunited.

LE prepared for Disney...

New friends and old friends! Vivian is also going to be a big sister this year :-)

Playing nicely...not always the case.

Java time.

Baby Vanilla by the sea.

Heading home sweet home.

Thanks for the memories, dear friends! We are so lucky to have such wonderful ladies in our lives!

06 May 2014

how about baby vanilla?

Dear Baby Vanilla,

That is what your sister has lovingly named you. No joke. You can thank us later for not taking a two year old's name choice too strongly into consideration, but it does make cute blog name.

I lay and watch you morph my belly into all sorts bizarre shapes these days. You feel terribly active...I can't remember if this is what happened last time or not. I love this point in pregnancy when I'm obviously expecting and people are no longer questioning the status of my womb. I love having a little interuterine side kick again and relishing in how easy this moment is in being your mama. I love my curves and added plumpness to the chest region that has not yet been claimed by a sweet, demanding baby.

Of course, I'm looking forward to meeting you - going on your birth journey and breastfeeding you. I keep getting asking if I'm anxious or nervous about your birth. The truth is that I feel excited and at peace. I'm interested to see how your story unfolds. I trust your instincts and mine and our midwives who will guide us through our journey. (Read a little Ina May Gaskin if you need some peace for your own upcoming birth!)

Your daddy. He's steady as always, entertaining my growing "nesting" to do list and all my fleeting freak outs.

Your sister. Well she's mostly excited. Some days she demands it's time for you to come out, so she can hold you. Some days she yells to you "Baby, just go away. I want a girl baby!" But as quickly as she turns sour she turns sweet and she'll sing to you and blow raspberries on my belly to make you laugh.

Welcome to the last stretch little guy.


29 weeks (a week late)