29 June 2014

belly art

Painted belly pics have finally commenced! It doesn't seem like all that long ago we were painting my Little Engineer belly...

And now LE was one of my prized painters, along with Auntie Sarah.

38 weeks.

We had more of a finger painting fireworks/dots/butterfly blob theme going on this time around and I think it was just perfect for my (likely) July baby.

Baby Vanilla,
Get ready for lots of creative loving, but not too ready yet because your sister has developed a cold and pink eye. My fingers are crossed this was not just in time for your arrival... I keep imagining you will come when both my mind and body are ready. I slightly freak out when I think of your arrival. At the same time I can't wait to see how your story will unfold and to nuzzle you up on my chest.

28 June 2014


Today we celebrate Auntie Sarah and walk for Lupus. It's been two years since her diagnosis and I believe she is stronger today than she was before. I admire her bravery in battling Lupus and determination to change her lifestyle and diet and not let Lupus define her.

The walking crew!

38 weeks :-)


Love you, Sarah!!!

pregnancy must do's

38 weeks and my last day of work! Thank goodness because I'm not sure I could squeeze into my scrubs another day... And I'm ready to enjoy my last days of just me and LE, and our little family of three. LE's so excited as she frequently cuddles and kisses her Baby Vanilla belly, but we also know she has no clue what is really about to hit!

Things I've been doing this pregnancy...

-Trying to exercise: swim, yoga, walk/run. LE helps and hinders this process.

-Pregnancy tea

-Listening to Hypnobirthing affirmations a few times a week.

-Rereading awesome books like Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth"

-Trying not to drive the Engineer crazy with nesting to do's. It's amazing how strong the urge is and how filthy and unorganized my life suddenly seems!

-Sleeping on a throne of pillows. (Which only sort of helps...)

-Now that I'm over 37 weeks, I'm hand expressing and collecting my colostrum and taking evening primrose oil supplements.

My plan for birth/postpartum...

-Home birth with the option of a birth tub this time around. Very excited about this!

-Line up help for 6 weeks (accepting applications ;)

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Homemade bone broth with Chinese herbs

22 June 2014

date night

37 weeks and my gorgeous man to take me out for sushi and drinks.

15 June 2014

to my baby daddy

He doesn't even always get a chance to make it inside before he's swept off to play. I love having the windows open in the summer listening to the giggles outside from LE playing with her daddy.

Happy Fathers Day, Engineer! I can't imagine a better man to procreate with :-)

Enjoying the day with our favorite man. Grilling yummy food and marshmallows for dessert.

05 June 2014

my kid plans awesome days

LE started out the day with "I know, lets have pancakes!" (made mostly by mama, of course) and then she suggested a lovely afternoon at the "Franklin Park Conservatory" (such a big name for a little kid), followed by a picnic at the playground. Couldn't argue with that brilliant idea!

35 weeks!

Such a fun monkey to hang out with :-)

02 June 2014

34 weeks

Baby Vanilla,
You're measuring small like your sister, but you certainly feel sizable to me and my stomach and my lungs and my bladder and... Maybe it's just all your karate moves. Time is flying and the nesting to do list seems to never end. I'm trying to relax in between the overwhelming urges to put your poor daddy and sister to work every evening :-). You have the hiccups as I write this...another trait like your mama and sister. So excited to meet your little personality and being, but also enjoying the ease of parenting while your tucked away in your interuterine home.

LE playing midwife with all their fun tools. From what she can tell you are just about perfect!