01 December 2014

brother bear

I'm in love...

Morning cuddles.

Baby Vanilla, almost always all smiles. His sister however wakes up grumpy 9 times out of 10. Sees her brother and she instantly lights up, "Aww...Dane, buddy!," as she loving refers to him.

Uncle Alex

A sibling is priceless. My own brother knows nothing about kids (hence him holding a not-so-baby like a baby :-). But he still is willing to help with mine. Literally, he has to ask LE how to use a paci. I'm pretty sure it's the three year old babysit and Uncle be "the adult supervisor," but I'm grateful. Grateful for a sibling. For the one who shares life from beginning to end with you. Who knows all the weird quirks of your family, who you can say "so and so is being cray cray, you deal with it today." It's invaluable. And I have no doubt the best thing we did for LE is Baby Vanilla, and vise versa.

Your welcome kids.