10 January 2014

the family bedroom

Sleep has always been a topic of discussion at our house...and usually not in a good way. LE, being the sensitive soul that she is, tends to wake up frequently and require a warm body next to her. Which, usually ends with cold feet jabbing either the Engineer or myself. It's not terrible, but it's not great. Some mornings I want to throw her out the window and some mornings I'm full of warm fuzzies from cuddling with my two Engineers all night. After some probing, I realized LE is (1) afraid of the dark and (2) under the impression that she and daddy share a room since he lays down with her until she falls asleep and then sneaks out...and, therefore, a little panic is caused when she wakes up alone.

I decided a "big kid" bed in our room might, just might, be our solution. She can have her own space without being alone. After a few nights of having LE sleep on our floor, we finally decided to invest in a toddler bed...and then cram it into our teeny tiny bedroom.

Looks like Hello Kitty is our new Master decor...the Engineer was pretty pumped about that.

The Engineer asked me as we left Target with our new bedroom accessories (and not the kind a husband wishes to be bringing home), "How did we buy a house with more rooms and end up using less than we had before?"

Kind of funny isn't it, Engineer? And then he told me he couldn't handle another baby like me.

No pressure, baby growing inside me, I tend to agree with your daddy. But if so, my next plan is a family bed with as many mattresses as we can fit on the floor of our teeny tiny room!

(Have I mentioned I'm beyond lucky to have such a good sport for a husband?!)