31 March 2014

yoga pants and wine

25 weeks.

(Scene: Coming home from a dinner party...after a 1/2 glass of wine)

Me: I've drank a lot more wine this pregnancy than I did with LE. But I just drink a lot more wine in general these days.

The Engineer: Yeah, but it's not too much.

Me: I used to barely have one drink a month.

The Engineer: You're entering the "wine and yoga pants" stage of life. I read a post about women wanting a Forever 31 - it would sell only wine and yoga pants, but no yoga.

Me: And I am wearing stretchy pants (leggings)! My pregnancy pants slide down and give me too much crack. One pair of skinny jeans are too small, one pair are too big. BUT my stretchy pants, now they love me back no matter what size I am!

Stretchy pants and wine are my friends, almost BFFs. And I would love a Forever 31, so I can stop feeling ridiculous shopping at the 21...but where else can you get stretchy pants for less than $5?!

So there you have, the confessions of a thirty year old, pregnant, budget conscious, urban mama.

desperate cousins

LE is such a sweet child the majority of the time.

And then her cousin Lily enters the picture and LE turns into a little toddler monster from a bad place.

She must have Lily's attention at all times. She must have Lily's toy or bracelet or headband. Lily must play what LE plays. And LE must be touching Lily at all times...sitting too close to her, rubbing her fingers through Lily's curls, hugging, holding hands...any contact she can think of.

And, of course, Lily wants little to do with her needy cousin, only resulting in LE more desperately needing her attention. It's like a bad relationship. I feel like LE needs to read "She's just not that into you."

Then they will occasionally hug and it's adorable. But outside of all the toddler drama, we had a lovely weekend with the in-laws.

Butterflies at the Franklin Conservatory.

We did some "science" at COSI.

And made homemade sushi for the first time, which was a complete success, miraculously!

25 weeks and rolling sushi.

Thanks for visiting us - we are always grateful when family and friends come our way!

19 March 2014

23 weeks and happy

I've clearly slacked on "bump" pictures for this baby and all the other new expectant mom things. I see it as a normal thing...been there done that and got a toddler to chase around. I'm also hoping my more chill approach will bake a more chill baby.

As we get to escape kid free to the beach, one last time, I thought I'd focus on my baby boy!

Enjoying decaf, this little guy doesn't need anymore incentive to have a uterine dance party. Baby boy has definitely grown in the last month or two. I can feel his cute little butt and/or head...not sure which is which ;)

Brushing up on my Ina Mays reading and listening to birth affirmations. Feeling much more relaxed and empowered for birth!

Now back to reality...work and soon to be 2 kids!

So thankful for a getaway with my love. (Big thank you to Mammy and Papaw for keeping LE...and spoiling her rotten, so she didn't feel left out :-)

16 March 2014

palm beach

We are off celebrating...

Celebrating our way passed 5 year anniversary, celebrating our pregnancy, but most importantly celebrating the Engineer's new job!!! We decided we better cash in on a kid free vacay before I'm stuck (happily stuck, that is) lactating for the next two years and possibly getting pregnant again (just don't mention that one to the Engineer ;) and before the Engineer starts working and no longer has the leisure of taking off whenever he wants.

Here's to you, my handsome and incredibly talented husband, who will undoubtedly be the best management analyst to walk into Batelle!