30 October 2014

trick or treat

Today at COSI there were a pumpkin and cowgirl running lose...

Tonight for trick or treating, one turned into Elsa...

I know so creative, but hey she's 3. We oddly enough had ZERO Elsa's show up at our door (minus our own little queen)... Good thing we weren't playing the Elsa costume drinking game, because that would have been lame.

Happy Halloween :-)

27 October 2014

car pals

Fell asleep holding her baby brother's hand. LE is a dedicated big sister :-)

24 October 2014

picture catch up

Cozy Fall snack.

Just a cowgirl on her horse. She's famous for rescuing leaves.

Morning "Ka-tea" (aka chamomile tea) and cartoons.

I understand if you want to gooble this face up. I do.

Enjoying a family walk to our neighborhood Fall Festival.

I think it's safe to say we are finding out stride and it's starting to feel like we have always been a family of four. LE is loving preK, she actually asks to go everyday. Mama is loving it, too. I sit and adore Baby Vanilla's smiles and coos most days ignoring the never ending housework (telling myself future me will be grateful for these choices).

I'm happy to be soaking in a more boring life again. The Engineer seems to crave adventure these days, so I sense boring shall soon be out the window. My how the tables have turned.

08 October 2014

lets play a game

Is it LE or Vanilla?

Double the squishy baby!

Hand me downs :)

LE, Vanilla, LE, Vanilla, LE and Vanilla :).

Their personalities may be day and night, but their faces sure do tell a different story. Minus the fact he's huge, Baby Vanilla is just like looking at a baby LE with his own unique crazy hairline.

We make little old man babies, Engineer. Cute as can be.

(P.S. Happy 6 years, love! We made it out for a Thai dinner sans kids to celebrate our anniversary. I sadly only have pictures of our kids to show for our special day... I'll have to fix that!)