28 November 2014

go, be spoiled

Breakfast sans LE. (Yes, the boob cup is most coveted in our house, as it holds the most coffee. Would you expect any less?)

Baby Vanilla - 4 months (makes me want another...)

So much changes when you add another little person to your family. LE used to stay with her grandparents, no problem, on a regular basis - like we joked they-had-joint-custody-often. Then Baby Vanilla came and she wouldn't even get into their car. We chose to give her time to adjust and after almost 5 months she decided on her own that she wanted to stay with Mammy and Papaw. "You can leave now!" was the phrase we heard over and over on thanksgiving day, while preparing and eating dinner. We wanted to enjoy family time, but were reluctant to pass up LE's rediscovered independence. We were all shocked when she followed through and the Engineer and I were elated to have an evening with just the baby. Only half the wake ups, more nap times, less entertaining, time to squeeze in a full movie! She explained to us daily how she would go, cry for a bit at bedtime, and be comforted by her puppy. So interesting to see her insight and understanding of the situation. We reassured her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to, but she insisted she wanted to stay.

Smothering her brother, per usual.

One thing we have learned: Personality does matter! LE is not a kid to be rushed or forced into situations. I know some think we baby her, coddle her, what have you. But really we are just learning her and she's complex. She needs to feel safe, in control, and in her own time she comes around and shows you this unbelievable brilliance. I can't wait to see her future unfold. She is going to be amazing, this is for sure.

Love you, sweet LE!

06 November 2014

cuddling babies

It's an overload of cuteness that must be documented...