01 February 2015

still updating...

I seriously cannot get enough of this little guy!

And his silly big sister :-)

Kids...they're the best (and the worst for personal space or sleep). There is still debate about a number 3 at our house. It all depends on how we slept the night before. We shall see. Right now our family is in search of a home in a more desired school district (Can you believe LE will be a real big kid soon? She already loves preschool and asks to spend the night with her friends, Havyn and Kyler! Gasp...), the Engineer is slowly building his real estate empire with the help of brother (it's been fun to watch these these two become unexpected business partners), my lactation business is bringing a more increasingly steady clientele, and we are simultaneously questioning our school/church/faith/what we want to be/do/where to live...almost everything decisions. Turns out twenty was "know what you want" and "work to what you want" and thirty is "have what you want," but "question everything!" The one silver lining is: while I may not know the details, I do I know I want my Engineer and these two beautiful children, who keep life exciting!