25 July 2015


Make shift nap locations.

Never ending projects.

And a new neighborhood full of new fun and friends!

24 July 2015

look at you, you're 32

The Little Engineer says the darnedest things. She sang me at least 5 birthday songs at dinner and this morning she sang "Look at you, you're 32", followed by "Let me see your leggies, mommy", " Wow, that's pretty amazing how big you are now." Gotta love that kind of birthday love. 

I also got extra sweetness from my gorgeous Engineer and even my bestie came to visit! And of course, Baby Vanilla always hands out adorableness. He started coming up and tickling us while making a high pitch gurgle. Seriously, adorable. And he slept in until 9am (may have been up 3 times, but hey!)

I'm a lucky gal to be surrounded by the coolest little and big people (and gluten free treats)!

09 July 2015

first birthday

And moving... Poor Baby Vanilla or "Dane buddy" as we lovingly refer to him. He has to share his birthday with our moving day. Sorry little man...you were conceived during a big move and now celebrating your birthday during another one. It really doesn't matter because you are such a ray of sunshine all the time. I can feel confident you are just as happy in transit as long as you have people to smile with. You took your first two steps on our moving day from the old shoebox house and today your Opa swears you took 6 steps in the new house! You are so sweet and happy that it still baffles me.

I am much more flexible to be up at all hours of night this go around. (You can thank by your sister for breaking me of my selfish life, at least slightly.) You seem to be slowly weaning (I'm sure moving isn't helping...) and I'm honestly relieved and feel guilty, all at once. You have a smile that draws in everyone who encounters you. Dane Vanilla, you have been a true blessing. I cannot imagine life without you. Your sister adores you and she is the first thing you look for for when you wake up in the morning. You're lucky to have such a sweet, protective sibling, as she is lucky to have you. You light up when daddy walks through the door. (He does enjoy having man time with you!) You love to cuddle. You fuss when you want something, but rarely full out cry. You smile with your whole mouth wide open. You are so cautious with any danger, for example, you wait at the top of the stairs for someone to get you. You hold onto my arm, but slowly let go when someone else wants to hold you. I love your insight on life and tendency to be loving. You remind me that humanity is good. The world needs more Dane Vanillas!!

Happy birthday, sweet baby boy!

06 July 2015

7/4 and in limbo

"Mommy, my life is so beautiful!"
-Maya's first time watching fireworks.

I had the perfect 4th of July (minus the Engineer at the new house making it liveable and Baby Vanilla in bed alone,  while LE and I enjoyed fireworks, sipping wine and orange juice). So grateful for your appreciation and sweet made up songs, dearest LE. Just when I think I'm doing it all wrong, you remind me I've raised an amazing kid. I seriously love you more than words can describe!