09 March 2015

dear le

You have truly grown into your title as little engineer. You are constantly trying to figure out how life works, creating, and asking big questions.

You want to know things like how does a car work, what is steam, and how can you build a pulley.

Your little brother has challenged you to try even more new foods and brings out your good mood - you always have a smile for him, even when your grumpy.

You love school and tell the funniest little stories. Most recently you told me you show your friends your "Frozen" socks when your teacher isn't looking. You told us you plan to sleep in our bedroom until your 6. While we'd love you to move into your baby brothers room, we also love your sensitive soul and have learned to let you do things in your own time. And to your lactation mother's disapproval you told me breastfeeding your babies makes you too hot, so it's easier to just pump and bottle feed them :).

You may be shy and sensitive, but you also know exactly what you want...at times it drives me and your daddy crazy how well you know what you want and how adamant you are about it.

As soon as you warm up to someone you are not shy about bossing them around, teaching them everything you know. I love to hold your sweet, beautiful face. It's so delicate and perfect. I love even more that after I tell you this you go look in the mirror to see for yourself and look pleased. I hope you always feel this confidant in how beautiful and delicate, yet strong you are inside and out.

I'm sorry I lose my cool...more often than I'd like...with you. I'm glad you challenge me and your dad and I wish we could always have the patience to teach you how to deal with tough moments in a loving way. But when we don't, I hope you learn grace - both how to grant and receive it. You bring so much life and adventure to our lives.

I'm grateful to be your mommy.
I love you, LE!

dear baby vanilla

I know I have said it already, but you have a smile that lights up the room. You charm and leave those who come into contact with you feeling happy and refreshed. We aren't quite sure where your happy go lucky-ness came from, but we love it and you are perfect in our family!

You are ready to join the big kids. You light up and jump right in when you get the chance to play. You've mastered army crawling, pulling yourself up to standing, and dumping boxes of toys out.

You still love ALL food...seriously, you have not turned down anything yet!

Nursing is becoming increasingly better. You comfort feed more and even occasionally fall asleep at my breast, which never did a little baby.

I smoother you with hugs and kisses, literally, because I cannot get enough of your sweetness and I don't know how to properly savor this moment. You smile, even though you're probably thinking "Mom, space, seriously!" Your sister smothers you even more. Sorry, little buddy, you stuck with us.

You're also a daddy's baby and happily spend the evening or day with him. (Mama is certainly grateful to be able to sneak away for a girls night or a shopping trip alone occasionally!).

Love you, Baby Vanilla!