23 May 2015

last day of school

Friday was Maya's last day of her first year of preK. In all her pictures she had her hand up as a "hurray" of some sorts.  She has no clue what this actually meant, because she's already asked me every night if she gets to go to school in the morning.  Needless to say it was a great first year. Most days she wouldn't tell me what happened at school or what she learned...I just got a sassy "I'm not talking to you about it." But I do know she learned the important things like having a bff, that boys (literally) chase the girls and you're meant to run and scream, and being in front of the line is the greatest honor one can achieve. I say this sarcastically and seriously, because really the goal was to have fun and feel safe away from mama, which her teachers beautifully accomplished (she is merely 3 after all).

So proud of you, sweet LE! And when did you get so big?! 

Today you told me "I'll be so excited when I'm 31!" (Yikes!) and you constantly talk about the freedoms of 16.  Dear sweet threenager, SLOW down!! Childhood is too fleeting.  I want to freeze you the way you are (on a good, tantrum free day, that is)!