25 June 2015

medium box

Packing up and moving about 2 1/2 miles down the road. Better schools, beautiful tree lined street, more toilets (this is seriously the one of the highlights of our move...one toilet just isn't cutting it around here!). Needless to say, we are all pretty excited for our new house.

However, I do feel sad that I'll have to drop the "shoebox" title. We went from a shoebox condo to a shoebox house and now we will be somewhere slightly above shoebox status, with our multiples toilets and all. Its like we are becoming real adults now, Engineer. Planting roots, no more moves for the foreseeable future, maybe even ever. Our next few weeks will be filled with packing, painting, fixing, and moving with these two cute littles in tow. Here we go, go, go on another adventure!

18 June 2015

flower child

It's not uncommon for the Engineer or myself to be looking for LE, only to find her sitting or laying in the grass like this. Looking through our unmanicured lawn for treasured flowers or unique weeds.

She sometimes will come in the house to show me a new found prize and declare that "the animals left it for her." Maybe she's watching too much wildkrats on pbs kids (an animal/creature adventure show), but I love her imaginary world that lives in our weeds.

Recently, a Scotts Grass salesperson stopped by our house commenting on our "unlucky clover issue." I politely declined his services claiming we like our yard the way it is...partially we are too cheap to care and partially I'm too hippie for chemicals, but now LE's perspective puts a new spin on what grows in our yard and how boring it would be if it was just grass...

I love you, my sweet flower child!


Life gave us "lemons" last week. But, with the power of Pinterest and a husband who was willing to entertain my crazy idea of "lets build a new table top mid-packing to move" (I seriously pulled some major persuasion cards here), we made lemonade.

And while the project tested our limits and the kid's, specifically at Lowes for too many hours, we ended up with a table we both like much better than the original.

Where would the world be without Pinterest and awesome husbands!?

03 June 2015

happy 4th birthday

You woke up on your birthday morning convinced that you were different, certain you height and shoe size would now match your other 4 year old friends'. And you're right, so much is changing. Those legs are getting longer, you vocabulary is huge and you communicate like a big kid...I've lost my role as your personal "translator". The way you use words like: actually, perfect, and efficient brings a smile to my face.

For your birthday you choose to have a green and teal, bubble party (OK, so your first choice was Frozen, but I gently redirected you from that...because you already have/got any possible Frozen item known to mankind.) You wore your teal and green Frozen dress (compromises), painted your nails green and even sprayed your hair green. Such a festive little thing!

We had a great weekend with your grandparents, filled with kite flying, desserts galore, new bike rides, and princess guitar playing!

Happy birthday, sweet LE! 


LE is the light of Baby Vanilla's life. I was rudely reminded of this when my mom took LE shopping at Target for like 5 hours (dear best friends, remember getting locked in the mall on several occasions with mom? Lady can shop till everyone else drops!) Anyway, Baby Vanilla...Mr. Grumpy Pants without his big sis!  Mama just doesn't cut it. 

For all the times she injures him (which is often), she makes him laugh at least 19 times more, which in turn makes my gig a whole heck of a lot easier. 

Better together.