09 August 2015

wbw, take 5!!

I have officially been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for 5 solid years! My first thought, is holy smokes my body has belonged to crazy little people for far too long. But then today I put on a tube top (I never wear tube tops...the word itself even sounds weird, too weird to wear) and I had bought this particular one to use for kangaroo caring Baby Vanilla. It made the perfect little pouch to tuck him into for skin to skin time.

Today I picked him up and he's huge. His body is bigger than my tube top,  certainly no way he'd tuck inside it. I realized the baby stage has slipped away and I'm left with a little boy who walks and copies everything his big sister does.

All of a sudden, the sleepless nights and hours of bouncing seem like seconds. The 9 months of pregnancy a blur. And his little boyness, well it all of a sudden may fly by too fast, too.

I get up with Baby Vanilla 1-4 times a night. I'm horrific at cosleeping, so I go pick him up, nurse him to sleep, lay him back down, and hope I can fall back to sleep myself. To some of you that is insane, to some it is a normal night. I don't mind (too much), its my baby and my breasts are so much more than food. They have given both my kids that little nudge of comfort that they have needed when their gums hurt, or they've been vomiting, or maybe they've had their first scary dream and we aren't to the stage where we can talk it out.

So, while in someways I secretly hoped Baby Vanilla would have weaned himself or started sleeping through the night by now, today I am grateful to be celebrating my 5th World Breastfeeding Week as a nursing mama!

(And as always, breastfeeding is a beautiful and extremely challenging journey whether you go a couple days,  weeks, or years. Breastfeeding isn't what makes us mothers, but it is worth celebrating, whatever the journey :)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week to all the mamas I have had the pleasure of being friends with or working with. You all inspire me!

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