10 September 2015

sibling love

In the midst of days full of picking at each other and whining, it's really rewarding to see how much they really love each other. LE is in tune with Baby Vanilla, she's proud of his accomplishments and loves teaching him new things. Just today I overheard her having a conversation with him about preschool. "School is a place you go alone without mommy and daddy, but you're there with with a teacher and friends." The depth she goes into conversations with this being who can only say "Uh-Oh" is impressive. Baby Vanilla also has a soft spot for his sister. He's always looking for her and loves their games of chase, peek-a-boo, and having his sister pull him around on a blanket.

Showing concern for her brother, making sure he's ok. 

Each others favorite dance partner.

Those occasional moments of stillness.

And lots of silliness.

She even keeps him entertained (or distracted) for his snacks.